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    Blackburn vs Wigan

    If its anything like the Karanka Promotion season there's gonna be 30k Teessiders backing the boys for the last 4/5 games at home. We're the ones to fear I think. Nobody will fancy playing us in the play offs. Not with Chuba lurking
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    Cult Heroes

    He's a full blown Boro legend!
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    Cult Heroes

    We might refuse to admit this because of his exit and subsequent last 6 months but.... Gaston. For those first 6 months when he dragged us over the line with his skill and ability to produce something out of nothing he was a god. First 6 months in the Prem were good to.
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    Boro bottom of new sustainability index

    Let's be perfectly clear. Gibbo is going nowhere and he'll continue to fund the club he loves. We have no reason to ever worry in my eyes. I go to bed every night knowing ill always wake up with a football club still in tact, unlike a lot of fans who's worry is a very real prospect of going out...
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    If our current team and squad were in the Premier League under Sir Michael Carrick?

    I'd say Fry - Leinhan - Giles - Hackney - Akpom would be still starters from the PL. We'd need 6 starters and like 5/6 back ups like most promoted sides. With this squad we'd be relegated in 19th I'd say
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    Three away games in February

    The boys are playing with such a swagger lately, Sunderland was an off day, make no mistake Sheff United know we're coming for them when they've been pretty comfortable this season, they could choke, wouldn't be the first nor the last. As for West Brom very tough game, but we've done well there...
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    Blackburn vs Wigan

    I'm just following along the BBC sport report. He seems bored lmao
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    Blackburn v Wigan [10 to go]

    Haha I didn't see this and I posted a thread about it to! Put the teams fixtures for their games in hand on there, Millwall have 2 very tough games in hand
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    Blackburn vs Wigan

    Still 0-0 after 88 minutes. Blackburn would remain 7th on 44 points 3rd Boro - P-30 - 48p - +12GD 4th Luton - P-28 - 47p - +8GD 5th Watford - P30 - 45p - +3GD 6th West Brom - P29 - 44p - +9GD 7th Blackburn - P29 - 44p - -4GD 8th Milwall - P28 - 43p - +6GD 9th Sunderland - P29 - 42p - +9GD...
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    Isaiah Jones..

    I really hope he rediscovers his form, he's frightening on his day! I'm a big Jones fan, massive congratulations to him and his Mrs!
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    Middlesbrough player records that will be broken?

    Dunno, Chuba might smash in another 42 the way he's going!
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    Westgarth Club

    Played many a gig in there, Circle pits with my metalcore band, bopping to my pop punk band, 4 fantastic Christmas college gigs and even a few gigs that I care not to recall when I was about 16 because my band was awful! Great venue, great venue and a huge blow to the music scene.
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    McGree hasn’t just replaced Tav…

    Tav was absolutely class and got pelters whilst he was here, his defensive work rate was exceptional and his attacking output got better as time went on. I'm not surprised to see him doing so well in the PL, Bournemouth are faltering since he got injured. I always look on a Saturday to see how...
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    Remember Tuncay got off to an unbelievable start, if we'd have kept him he'd have scored 20+ absolutely no problem
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    Liverpool are 10th

    Can you imagine Wilder floating around melwood waiting for the news he's been sacked 'Alright lads, Jurgen once gave me a hug and pep said I could lead global superstars to a title so here I am. First off, Attitude over Abillieh. I'm giving Dave Mcgolrick a ring in the morning, along with Billy...
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    Chuba Akpom…

    It's down to the man himself and the coaching team. 1) chuba's attitude is immense, he's studying opposition. He's studying team mates, he's got a personal fitness coach. He said it himself he's now obsessed with Football. You can't half tell. 2) Carrick and the coaches. They seen he had love...
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    Matt Crooks

    I think Crooksy's role will be Target man (when needed) and back up to Mcgree, Forss and Akpom. Excellent option to have Is the big tree
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    Dan Barlaser

    We have 4 very, very good center Midfielders Let's not forget Mowatt who whenever he's come on under Carrick has not put a foot wrong. We're well stocked all over the pitch now, the squad looks so good
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    Come on Barnsley and Burnley!

    Burnley are rampant! 3 goals ahead of Norwich as things stand and a huge chance to 6 clear of them, effectively 7 with goal difference
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    Come on Barnsley and Burnley!

    Eee why did I put Barnsleuly haha, aye Rotherham