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    Steven Walker

    And most young players who are released get picked up by a club, even if it is non-league.
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    Stadium Announcer - Top Tips

    And stop with the booming music at full time that has reappeared since the world cup.
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    Why wasn’t Watmore offered a new contract

    Watmore looked up to it for his entire time with us. Coburn in flashes but hasn't really had a run. Akpom the last 6 months. However if he continues his form over the rest of the season is likely to be sold in the summer if we don't get promoted.
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    Steven Walker

    All seems a bit fishy if you ask me. Something has gone on that's for sure.
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    Why wasn’t Watmore offered a new contract

    Of course that is all well and good, but the reality is that since Patrick Bamford the first time in 2013-14 Watmore has been our best and most consistent forward. The vast majority of others have been absolutely ***** or had no longevity. If Watmore wanted to go then fair enough, but if it is a...
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    Steven Walker

    Think he was brought back in the end as he was playing U-21 games last season however he looked very large. Something doesn't add up.
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    Steven Walker

    I presume an attitude problem or getting involved in the wrong things. He did ok at MK Dons for half a season, then went to Crewe and featured a bit. Next season went to Tranmere and didn't even make the bench for a whole year. Then has sat around since the summer. Surely he'd agree to cancel...
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    Muniz staying.

    Probably nobody else willing to pay as much as we are per week for him so he stayed here. With Watmore and Hoppe moving on he might get a little more game time although he's got Archer, Crooks and probably Forss in that up top role in front of him so he's barely going to feature. It's a shame as...
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    Yes I think Scott stated the preference for permanent signing himself.
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    Tony Pulis

    More like nobody is daft enough to hire him.
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    Watmore’s message to fans

    Disgusting that he's been let go. Should have been rewarded with a new contract.
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    Akpom and Hackney

    Yep that was Akpom. He did make a similar comment about a defender they recommended that he poo pooed.
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    Bumping Up Old Threads

    You never got posts from way back resurrected as you couldn't search for them. I prefer to read new threads rather than have wade through loads of old, irrelevant posts now just to find that the new comments on it are the equivalent of "ya, boo, sucker." 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Bumping Up Old Threads

    A message board is for the moment. Not what was said 6 months ago, 12 months ago and longer. It wasn't a feature on the old message board and that was definitely for the better.
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    Bumping Up Old Threads

    Yes definitely. It is very annoying when you click on a post and realise its some guff from ages back regurgitated and shoved back up to the top. And yes you are right it's usually to cause ridicule.
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    Josh Watch Update 2023+++

    Bring him back. Bring him back.
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    Victor Orta vs Kieron Scott

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    Victor Orta vs Kieron Scott

    Maybe Burnley weren't bringing in that calibre of signings, but in truth both were over the hill. Maybe Burnley brought in more realistic signings for team progression. To be honest signing Randolph a year earlier would have been a better signing than valdes, yet a lower calibre signing.
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    Victor Orta vs Kieron Scott

    A big mistake was letting Adomah go and bringing in Traore who was too raw and unpredictable. We should have brought Traore in but kept Adomah too. We literally had no creativity out wide so couldn't get up the pitch. Fischer didn't adjust, Traore hit and miss, Stuani a striker. Then we were...
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    Brighton. The master plan?

    True, but that's not to say we shouldn't try for another golden spell. And as the other poster suggested, going down the route we are doing now (and a similar approach to these two clubs) seems our best bet currently.