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  1. Steer

    Caolan Boyd-Munce leaves

    Not seen enough of him to say really, but 1st impressions were good. Oh well. Hopefully he goes on to make it elsewhere. UTB
  2. Steer

    Those poor Everton fans

    It's tight at the bottom of the prem. One win potentially puts them =14th. Its all down to whether Dyche can get their overpriced players performing. Its not mission impossible.
  3. Steer

    '5G Notice' in the post...

    If you insert the words Prima Facie into anything, it will automatically impress anyone and turn gibberish into a legally binding truism. Perhaps we should insert into a football chant. You Fat B@astard.. ahhhhh becomes You Prima Facie are a fat B@astard.... ahhhhh
  4. Steer

    Boris: Anyone thinking I covered up parties is out of their mind

    He doesn't get it. Still. By taking this line he is forgetting the fact that the vast majority (all?) the British public made huge sacrifices during lockdown. I count myself luckier than most, and less affected than many. But even I had to stand alone outside of a funeral of a relative because...
  5. Steer

    Police lied about Hillsborough

    Not in Merseyside. And quite why the Merseyside boycott of this vile rag has not spread further is beyond me. Free speech comes with responsibility.
  6. Steer

    Spence off on loan

    He should have gone to Forest permanently in the summer. Spurs always looked like a bit too much of a step up.
  7. Steer

    Everton fans gutted surely at appointment ?

    Their best manager for years was Moyes whose Everton team didn't play exciting football. For now, its all about staying up.
  8. Steer

    Is there “bots” on this site?

  9. Steer

    Watmore to Millwall ?

    Keep him. Lots of games to go this season yet. He might not be in the starting XI right now, but give him minutes on the pitch and he will score goals. Great signing for us.
  10. Steer


    Like the other forward players, Carrick seems to be getting more out of him than we have seen before. OP is correct, he looks like a natural finisher - and while Chuba has quite rightly been getting the plaudits, Forss is also in a rich vein of goalscoring form. He puts in a real shift as well.
  11. Steer

    McGree and Akpom

    You could pick almost any 2 of our front 4 players to enthuse about today. They caused all sorts of trouble all day long. Forss and Akpom switched positions a few times which must keep defenses on their toes. McGree pops up all over the place too. Plus Arher looks like a real handful. Add in...
  12. Steer


    At least this will give us all something to remember him by instead of just the man sent on telly looking like a rabbit caught in headlights whilst tasked with explaining away Boris' latest gaffe.
  13. Steer

    Hayes on Frozen Pitches

    It's up to her employers at Chelsea whether they install under ground heating at their own ground or not. It's nothing to do with Sky Sports or anyone else. If the money from TV and crowds are there, then the clubs will want to have heated pitches to avoid the loss of revenue - I do wonder of...
  14. Steer


    NO. He should resign. If he doesn't do that then the Torys should oust him. They might well have to do that unless another big story comes along to overshadow this one. If / when they do, the Tories will then claim that this shows that they have morals and strong leadership, when really they...
  15. Steer

    Howson, time to move on?

    Key player for a team (Sunderland game aside) is in its best patch of form for ages. But yes, we need to find a replacement or at least serious competition for his place at some point because his legs will go eventually.
  16. Steer

    National Grid Blackout Scheme

    I thought that domestic use of electricity only accounted for a about a quarter of all, with the rest / majority being industry and non-domestic? Am I wrong? If I am not wrong, then what the hell is the point of all of this? It's the same with water, when these is a drought we are told not to...
  17. Steer


    Utterly Rotten and corrupt from the top down. Can't wait for this lot to be booted out at the next GE. Unless of course the British electorate are duped by them yet again.
  18. Steer

    It's the 50th anniversary of Dark Side Of The Moon ...

    I absolutely love Pink Floyd, but I think that DSOTM is probably only about my 5th favourite Pink Floyd album. I prefer the Wall, their live albums and some of the 90s stuff. What a band.
  19. Steer

    Tonights Boxing

    Whilst I could have seen Smith winning, I never expected a win in that way. Absolutely brutal. Not sure where Eubank Jr goes from here.
  20. Steer

    At what point will people say ‘enough is enough’ …

    The publc had their chance at the last GE. There was enough corruption on show then to mean that anyone who voted for this shower deserve this shower.