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  1. Bernie's view

    Tommy Smith or Dijksteel for RB

    If Muniz had been playing yesterday he would have spent 90% of the game on his backside. Pretty sure he’ll go back to Fulham in the new year. Smith is much better in a back four than Djiksteel and gives us much more leadership. He was livid with Jones yesterday and was practically coaching him...
  2. Bernie's view

    Ex Premier League Player

    Claret everywhere
  3. Bernie's view

    Health Secretary Therese Coffey gave leftover antibiotics to a friend

    This is beyond parody now. Antibiotics resistance is going to be a huge issue if we don’t take sensible precautions. This health secretary wants to give them out willy nilly !
  4. Bernie's view

    Swan's Corner/Ormesby Bank

    Thanks for the info!
  5. Bernie's view

    Maybe we NEED Leo as manager BUT...

    Very impressed with Leo’s press conference. Talks sense and seems to have confidence in his abilities without being arrogant. Nothing to lose in giving him and Liddle the job until January. They have as much chance of getting the best out of the current players as anyone else coming in who...
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    Comes to something when even the RSPB

    I will be gutted if this is true. Over the last five years we have transitioned our farm from an intensive dairy operation to a sustainable grass fed beef and sheep business. We have fenced off land for wildlife, started growing herbal leys in place of nutrient hungry rye grass and invested in...
  7. Bernie's view

    How warm tonight !!!

    Maybe depends which part of the ground you were sat in. Barnsley game was much hotter lower west.
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    How warm tonight !!!

    None of you went to the Barnsley game then? Think it was still 28C at the final whistle
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    Matt Clarke

    Brighton are looking for a new centre back but it won’t be Fry apparently.
  10. Bernie's view

    Wilder post-match ‘We played really well’

    First half, Fry, McNair, Bola and Dijksteel all looked like they would rather be anywhere but on that pitch.
  11. Bernie's view

    Hayden Hackney

    I thought Boyd Munce was decent tonight 🤷🏼‍♂️
  12. Bernie's view

    Are we heading for a hose-pipe ban?

    No.. 18% down for the time of year. Rainfall has been lower for a good six months. If you prefer anecdotes over facts then I put in a wildflower meadow this spring but had to hold off sowing for a few weeks as the ground was so dry. Since then it has really struggled to establish with the...
  13. Bernie's view

    Are we heading for a hose-pipe ban?

    Yorkshire water reservoirs were 18% down in early July. Not been much rain since then.
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    Possible BA Check in staff strike

    We were struggling for bookings in our Shepherd huts earlier in spring but have been really busy the last month. I assume airport issues are playing a part in that and the on going cancelling of short haul flights.
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    Anyone ever been to Heraklion area of Crete

    Another recommendation for Spinalonga. I wonder if all the Russian fur shops will still be open. Look like money laundering outfits to me. Some of them in the middle of nowhere!
  16. Bernie's view

    Fastest UK 800m since 1990

    Natural talent is the starting point though. You need that along with commitment, mental strength and luck. You also have to be single minded. My son held a number of north east records across a number of disciplines from the age of 12-17, he trained pretty hard but was a little more focused on...
  17. Bernie's view

    “Not enough” - Palmer`s reaction to Cherries £10m Tav bid. [FLW]

    If Phillips goes to Man City I could see Leeds looking at Tav..