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  1. Brick_Tamland

    The Last of Us TV Show

    I had been looking forward to the bit from the game where they have to push the pick-up truck from Bill's to get it started, so this episode was not what I was expecting! But I thought it was really well done and I'm now wondering how else the storyline may change as the series develops. I've...
  2. Brick_Tamland

    With 2 days to go - are we expecting anymore

    I can see us bringing in a centre half (Clarke is out for while it appears) and an attacking midfielder. I could see Muniz and Hoppe (loan) leaving and so maybe another forward if that happens.
  3. Brick_Tamland

    * The Unofficial "Official". Boro v Watford. Match-Day Thread *

    Goal for Aaron Connolly!
  4. Brick_Tamland

    Barlaser Deal Agreed!

    Still not signed. Got to blame Bausor.
  5. Brick_Tamland

    Lenihans back!

    Hope we're not rushing him back too quickly.
  6. Brick_Tamland

    The Last of Us TV Show

    I think the first Last of Us game has one of, if not the best, downloadable add-on chapters ever. Called "Left Behind". In the trailer, it looked like some of that story might be the series.
  7. Brick_Tamland

    Jamal Lowe?

    There was a Boro fan on another forum indicating we are interested in a Bournemouth player. A defender/ midfielder who is quick, which would suggest it's Jack Stacey.
  8. Brick_Tamland

    Barlaser in the stand

    It's a dummy wearing a Barlaser mask on the Rotherham bench. The real player is at the Riverside.
  9. Brick_Tamland

    Barlaser in the stand

    Been there a good while. Just him and his agent. They thought it was a lunchtime kick-off.
  10. Brick_Tamland


    I could also imagine Carrick saying "We don't want Chuba to go, and we don't welcome any interest, but if there were to be a huge bid for any of our players then the club would need to think carefully about it". We can't think that Coventry and Sunderland would be open to selling Gyokeres or...
  11. Brick_Tamland


    What Everton / Southampton fans think doesn't really matter. If their club wants to spend crazy money on a panic buy, they will do it. I'm not saying we should be listening to all offers for Akpom, but if somebody wants to pay a huge amount for him then I don't imagine we can turn it down. We...
  12. Brick_Tamland


    Not worried at all, to be honest. I think he's doing well but is replaceable. Could be that we don't have to sell but if they offered £15m and it allowed us to buy two players then maybe the club would take it.
  13. Brick_Tamland


    I wonder if Everton / Palace will bid for him? Important player for us but everyone has their price.
  14. Brick_Tamland

    Steve Gibson

    Pocketed all the Tav and Spence money, mind.
  15. Brick_Tamland

    Downing - Academy coach

    Can confirm. He was glass collecting in the Legends Lounge at the Huddersfield match.
  16. Brick_Tamland

    Garth Marenghi’s Terrortome tour

    Haha, no. I was sitting at the back. He was good, though. It's a risky business getting a random person on stage for so long but it worked well. Looks forward to reading the Terrortome trilogy at Christmas.
  17. Brick_Tamland

    Garth Marenghi’s Terrortome tour

    I went to see him at the Leadmill as well. Very funny. The 'horrotica' he reads at the end was very lurid and funny. I can imagine that the q&a part with the audience is hit and miss depending on the night, but this worked really well at the Leadmill.
  18. Brick_Tamland

    Carrick - first impressions

    He reminds me a bit of Southgate in his mannerisms when speaking / how he nods when listening to questions. Maybe it's the beard.
  19. Brick_Tamland

    Help Women Feel Safe

    Spot on, XXL
  20. Brick_Tamland

    Who has heard the rumour Carrick has only been offered a deal until May 2023?

    I've heard he's only been offered a contract til 1st January.