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  1. FatFrank

    Enzo Fernández fee

    It is obscene. Disgusting amount of money for a player who had a bit-part to play in the World Cup and like you say a handful of appearances in a poor Portuguese league. Boehly in general just seems to have zero idea of a footballing model with longevity. Whilst not the sort of person to wish...
  2. FatFrank

    Someone has to mention the elephant in the room

    I'm honestly pleased for them to get there. More so for the North East. It makes a great change from the typical Citeh-Liverpool hype we were served every Cup Final. Regardless of what the Geordies might have to say or think about us, North East football has struggled for well over a decade...
  3. FatFrank

    At the final whistle on Saturday

    I have never understood this element of beating the traffic. You're talking about 25000 people leaving in half a dozen different directions. It must put at maximum 30 minutes on your journey home. I have left early in the past but only because of the dross being served up on the pitch.
  4. FatFrank

    Gareth Bale and Golf.

    I'm sure Jon Rahm doesn't lose sleep whilst hugging his US Open trophy that he can't notch the monthly medal.
  5. FatFrank

    What song would you like to be played at your funeral?

    Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Break out into full air guitar for the solo.
  6. FatFrank

    Cardiff and Sheff Utd tickets

    Stop talking sense. Have you read the T&Cs for this site?
  7. FatFrank

    Wetherspoons closes 39 pubs

    That is true, but we know the industry is currently screaming out for staff. I've never seen it so sparce.
  8. FatFrank

    It is now 90 seconds to midnight

    Taxis go to double fare.
  9. FatFrank

    Egg shortage?

    There is no shortage. I believe the farmers are refusing to sell to large supermarkets due to the cost they're charging. If you know any local egg farmers, get yourselves there and pay them a quid more for a tray of 36 eggs. I go to a place near Potto just off the A172, they charge £4 for 36...
  10. FatFrank

    Do we have to listen to the bias pathetic commentary on sky

    Its a game of football, not a relatives funeral. If we had won 3-0, nobody would be bothered.
  11. FatFrank

    Wearing shorts in winter.

    I went to the beach on Saturday to walk the dogs wearing shorts, a t-shirt, body warmer and woolly hat. I was as warm as I wanted to be.
  12. FatFrank

    Do we have to listen to the bias pathetic commentary on sky

    People said that the send-off from Red Faction was cringey on Saturday night. Not as cringey as some of the comments in this thread. Contacting Sky to complain about football commentators, have a day off. It was biased for the first 20 minutes. Don Goodman has been commentating on Boro games...
  13. FatFrank

    What do you make of this?

    Some right fun-police on here at times. The team were leaving Rockliffe Hall - I think its a great show of support.
  14. FatFrank

    It’s all quiet on the western front

    There is a documentary on Netflix - The Road To War. It details how the politics in eastern Europe were rumbling years before Ferdinand was assassinated. It can be a tough watch if you haven't got the attention span but informative nonetheless.
  15. FatFrank

    It’s all quiet on the western front

    I think this came across quite well in the remake. I like to think I have a "sturdy stomach" when it comes to horror and gore but I felt sick at some of the scenes within the film. Truly grim, you couldn't imagine what it must have been like.
  16. FatFrank

    Fight in a north east pub over a pool game, not in Eston as per the Twitter feed 🎱

    Textbook pool cue to the mush. Lets not pretend we feel sorry for the instigator.
  17. FatFrank

    Penalty claim last night ; McTominay

    Personally, I think if that happens in the centre circle, the ref blows for a foul. That's how I look at it.
  18. FatFrank

    Matt Crooks & Isaiah Jones

    He most definitely has had his hernia operation.
  19. FatFrank

    Colin Cheng's

    I know fine well that some local authority environmental health inspectors have visited establishments, sat and had a coffee with the owner and Head Chef, signed a 5* certificate and left. Prior to COVID-19, most LAs were approximateley 6-8 months behind in their programmed inspections. This is...
  20. FatFrank

    Team Sky

    I thought exactly the same thing - it was subhuman. His stamina throughout the latter stages of the whole race were staggering.