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  1. clay

    Energy prices

    Well ... yeah, it really is. If you'd said 10/20 years ago that in 2023 the cheapest and most profitable source of energy will be renewables, without the climate damage or the dependence on foreign oil, that would have sounded amazing. It sucks that everyday consumers are the ones paying for...
  2. clay

    Energy prices

    Supply and demand. Big polluters who don't give a damn about the environment will buy whatever energy is cheapest. Normally that means gas, but if gas prices rose above the price of renewables then they'd buy renewables instead. That extra demand for renewables raises the price until it's back...
  3. clay

    '5G Notice' in the post...

    There's a small group of those nutters near me. Their central points are: (a) there is a global elite who exploit us all to sustain their massive wealth and we are just slaves to them (b) this global elite wants to kill us all Perhaps one day they'll spot the flaw in that logic.
  4. clay

    Advice from Electricians Please

    100% this. Irrespective of whether or not your dryer has an issue, there's no way a toaster should trip a kitchen circuit.
  5. clay

    Luton Away

    Every single away league game last season had tickets available to non-ST holders. Same story this season, bar Sunderland as a one-off. Normal service resumed immediately with Cardiff and Sheff Utd tickets still available 6 days after going on general sale. I will bare my backside in the window...
  6. clay

    Sol Bamba

    Sure I've seen that photo somewhere before?
  7. clay

    Police lied about Hillsborough

    As a Scouser, I'm always shocked when I leave the city and see someone with it. It's like seeing someone walking down the street wearing a Gary Glitter t-shirt.
  8. clay

    Match Day Public Transport Problems

    On a Saturday afternoon, the 6-carriage 1720 TPE towards Manchester usually fills all seats with a few people standing, but clears out by York. There's a 2-carriage Northern a few minutes later to Darlington that is usually absolutely rammed. Get either of those services one hour later and...
  9. clay

    Match Day Public Transport Problems

    Absolute nightmare. I get the National Express coach up from Liverpool because it's more reliable than TransPenineExpress, but it means leaving home at 7:45am. I have to get the train back because there's no coach option in the afternoon/evening. Every time, without fail, something is...
  10. clay

    Booing taking the knee

    In recent years we've had the Quran being burnt at an away game and Yusuf giving up his vlogs because of the vile abuse he got. How are people still surprised that some of our fanbase is racist?
  11. clay

    Zahawi sacked

    There needs to be a criminal investigation into his property loans. He and his wife own a property investment company that received a £30m unsecured loan. That is madness. The whole point of property investment is that your borrowing is cheap because you secure it against the properties, giving...
  12. clay

    Zahawi sacked

    The only question for Tory MPs now should be "have you ever had an HMRC penalty?". I guarantee Zahawi isn't a one-off.
  13. clay

    Online Sales FAO Rob

    I've a vague recollection of this coming up before a few years ago - fans were buying late, choosing print at home, then turning up at the ground without printing and expecting tickets to be waiting for them to collect.
  14. clay

    Memphis Police Murdering Tyre Nichols

    Our police don't kill innocent people, so it's not a fair comparison. They just rape them.
  15. clay

    Remarkable Front Page News!

    It's all part of the deal. The Telegraph get fed quotes from the palace for hit pieces on Harry and Meghan, and in return they've promised puff pieces for Charles, Camillia, William, Kate and the nonce.
  16. clay

    Leaving restaurants without paying bills

    Also more likely to get a desert or more drinks if you don't pay until the end.
  17. clay

    Leaving restaurants without paying bills

    Paying at the bar is probably the only real distinction between a "pub" and a "gastropub".
  18. clay

    Surely the this is a joke - speechless

    About as balanced as an episode of Question Time
  19. clay

    West Brom ticket allocation ?

    You're right. I wonder why they've lowered it?
  20. clay

    West Brom ticket allocation ?

    Any excuse...