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    Slavenesque finish today. Quality.
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    Full Sunderland Match Information -

    Are the Sunderland fans in the section below the Boro fans subject to the same rules and search's re coins etc. It is possible to throw things upwards not just downwards.
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    Come on Leicester

    Crowd is unbelievably quiet after all that fanfare before kick off
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    Ryan giles

    He was subbed because he had been booked and the game had gone.
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    Great team! and a great manager!!

    Knew which team and manager this post was about before I even opened it. Simply the best.
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    Our Jonah ref again today!

    Think we have just seen a worse one at the England game. How could he not give that pen for foul on Mount. Ok VAR made him change his mind but he wants sacking for not giving it originally. Gave France everything all night long.Must have been about 15 fouls on Saka. I think he got about 2 given.
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    Our Jonah ref again today!

    Worst ref I have seen since. Yesterday
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    What about Messi’s handball. No booking. Embarrassing referee, he is clueless. Doesn’t understand the word momentum.
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    Pakistan v England 1st test

    Declared at tea. Pakistan set 342 in approx 100 overs. Brought Pakistan right back into with that declaration.
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    5 teams undefeated in this tournament

    Only 4 now
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    The best ever football player in the world?

    Kids today eh
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    Pele on end of life care

    No the best ever
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    Pele on end of life care

    Best player ever. Gentleman who didn’t need to cheat, dive or use his hands or even gods hands for that matter.
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    England Team to face Senegal?

    .......................Pickford..................... Walker....Maguire....Stones......Shaw .....Henderson...Rice....Bellingham... Saka...................................Rashford .........................Kane.....................
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    Printed my sheet off t’internet before World Cup started and it has Group B winner to play Group A 2nd on sun in game 52 Winner of game 52 plays winner game 51 on Sat 10th at 15:00 It seems t’internet is wrong. Apologies
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    Battle of the Sh1thouses

    Intent doesn't come into it anymore. Thats what is wrong with the law, years ago referee only had one decision to make, did the offender deliberately handle the ball. They took that out of the rules and now we have this **** show.
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    Battle of the Sh1thouses

    Stay on his feet, he didn't have to dive in, that was his choice.
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    Battle of the Sh1thouses

    Only if you agree he put his hand there to support himself when falling. VAR and the referee clearly didn’t think that, hence penalty is awarded.
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    Battle of the Sh1thouses

    Penalty all day long under current rules. Fernandes nutmegs him and is clean through on goal if ball doesn’t hit his hand. 5 years ago never a penalty but will always be given now. Ref should not have needed VAR, but then he did miss everything else all night long.