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    Steffen was poor today, but he was only part of the reason we lost. As a collective we just didn't seem up for it from kick off. One to forget. Onwards and upwards 🤞
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    Premier League Sack Race

    Everton looking woeful. Can't see Lampard still in a job tomorrow.
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    Lack of panic this january.

    I think the sell on fee (apparently 40%) Rotherham would have to pay Newcastle will stop the transfer going through. Better for them to keep him until the end of the season in the hope that he can contribute to keeping them up?
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    Combined Boro/Sunderland side of the last 30 years

    Jordan Henderson (Ince) and Jordan Pickford (Randolph) IMHO.
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    Hugo Lloris

    He had that really bad injury when his elbow bent the wrong way. Not sure he ever fully recovered from that. It wouldn't surprise me to see Spurs in for Pickford.
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    Virgin Orbit

    You might find it in you back garden!
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    Adama Traore

    He looks like a He-Man toy character. Thought he played okay tonight. Would love him back at Boro.
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    VAR at a new low

    Shocking decisions, both for Liverpool's Salah goal, and the 'offside' goal that Wolves scored. The rules just don't make sense.
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    What’s the most obscure tv show you like

    The Smoking Room and Garth Merengue's Dark place were on the same night I think? Both fantastic TV shows.
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    Time Wasting & the dark arts

    I thought one of the best things that the World Cup did was the true extra time. Stopped time wasting immediately. Don't know why we aren't doing it in the Premier League?
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    Jeremiah Green RIP

    Modest Mouse drummer has died after a short battle with cancer. 45 years old. :cry:
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    Recommend me a Film on Netflix or Prime.

    Shia LeBouf gets some bad press, but he's fantastic in that role. Great film.
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    Sneaked under my radar too. Thank you for letting me know. 👍
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    Dry January

    I'm doing it. I'm toying with doing a dry year. Just to see what I can achieve. Probably nothing, but at least I'll know, it's always been a curiosity for me. Love red wine and beer, so won't be easy.
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    Ryan Giles.....

    He's an above average championship player, which if we use him correctly could create a lot of chances for us. I think he's found his level.
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    Absolutely bloody awful

    E.T, Back to the future, and Home alone 2. What more could you want?🎄🍻
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    Oh The Weather Outside Is Frighful

    8'C in NY today, bit of drizzle. Certainly not as bad as they were making out on the TV news.
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    Oh The Weather Outside Is Frighful

    Currently in NY. Hoping to fly home tomorrow 😬
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    Best Dog insurance

    Anyone can advise on this? Just had a notification from anypets that my single dog insurance is going up from £35 to £55 a month. I've never claimed, so that seems expensive?
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    Lesser known Christmas songs

    Donna and Blitzen - Badly Drawn Boy.