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  1. Anterimus

    Fair play Hull

    Sorry, didn't see previous post. Hate it when people do that too 😂😂😂😂
  2. Anterimus

    Fair play Hull

    Providing free travel for all remaining away game this season
  3. Anterimus

    SAS Rogue Heroes

    There is a very good podcast (6 episodes) that covers what's factual and what's not. Alot of it is factual, some has artistic licence and some completely fictional for the sake of the programme. The book is a very good. Paddy maine wasn't portrayed accuratly (even though I thought O'Connell was...
  4. Anterimus

    SAS Rogue Heroes

    Second series has been given the green light.
  5. Anterimus

    Yes THAT Song has been re-released but.......

    I bloody hate that done...... But love that version, brilliantly done. Its almost got me looking forward to the tournament.
  6. Anterimus

    HMRC what a shít show

    To be fair to HMRC, they are £19m down after Derby county only paid £6m of their £25m bill. 75% discount
  7. Anterimus

    England generally. OMG

    That's because they are up against England defenders 😁
  8. Anterimus

    Derby sack Rosenior

    Apparently, he hasn't actually been sacked. He has been told he is no longer in charge and is retained to the coaching staff. Crazy.
  9. Anterimus

    Derby sack Rosenior

    Thought it would be a challange for him given their situation but this seems bizarre. They are 7th, outside the playoffs on goal difference, with a squad that has been thrown together. They have approached Rotherham for permission to speak to Paul Warne who wasn't their biggest fan when they...
  10. Anterimus

    Does anyone have an Induction Hob?

    Ok, I will ask…… what colour is it.
  11. Anterimus

    Who would win in a fight?

    Fleming could be in there aswell. Remember him playing with a cracked knee cap.
  12. Anterimus

    England World Cup shirts.

    Away seems nice but the badge looks massive, and blue.
  13. Anterimus

    England World Cup shirts.

    Not a fan of the 'home'
  14. Anterimus

    172,00 voted for our new PM

    First one on Wednesday. Get the popcorn in.
  15. Anterimus

    Mowatt - a first?

    Was hoping it was setting up a day of a few reveals.
  16. Anterimus

    Coventry vs Rotherham - postponed

    You have to remember that Coventry are the tenants at Ricoh. It's wasps stadium now so not sure how the club can be blamed. CCFC didn't allow the rugby 7s to be played there.
  17. Anterimus

    Commonwealth Games Birmingham

    Always enjoy the games. Off to the rugby 7s on Sunday morning.
  18. Anterimus

    Best Autobiography

    As a random one, Jackie Chan, I am Jackie Chan, my life in action. Incredible read. They guy has been through so much yet retains an amazing outlook.
  19. Anterimus

    All blacks all at sea

    Great game this is.