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  1. TheLodger

    Bank of Dave on Netflix

    Watched it tonight because of this post, loved it, defiantly worth a watch and very entertaining, which after all-like it or not, is the point.
  2. TheLodger

    Government threaten to intervene with Boro council

    Name one thing that's improved since he was elected?
  3. TheLodger

    Government threaten to intervene with Boro council

    Absolute total nonsense, in the councils 50 year history not once, that's never!!!! Has the government threatened it with intervention. This is now twice in Preston's short 4 year term. Please do not drag good councillors, and I include councillors from all sides of the spectrum down to his self...
  4. TheLodger

    If it wasn’t for the poor

    Best advert for a pay rise yet, and if one isn't forthcoming, then a general strike!
  5. TheLodger

    Wearing shorts in winter.

    Next someone will be complaining that girls wear skirts in the winter! God forbid!
  6. TheLodger

    Japanese Boro

    "Something tattered or warn out" that's one way to describe me!
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    Let's Talk Middlesbrough Survey

    It costs approx. £6,000 a week for every child in the care of Middlesbrough, that's over £300k a year each, we only need an extra half doz put into care and that adds almost £2m to the children's care budget, we don't get paid per child from the government, we have to make our budget fit, we...
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    Let's Talk Middlesbrough Survey

    Yes in Middlesbrough 83% of the whole council budget is spent on Adult and children's social care departments.
  9. TheLodger

    Let's Talk Middlesbrough Survey

    The budget certainly hasn't been decided yet, Preston might well have decided what he wants to cut and get rid of, but if it stays as it is, I very much doubt he will get his budget passed, I certainly won't vote for it as it is.
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    Tory Blankety Blank

  11. TheLodger

    Tory Blankety Blank

  12. TheLodger

    When did Subway (sandwiches) get so expensive?

    Just paid £8.49 for 3 scabby pieces of boneless chicken and a tiny box of popcorn chicken, side of beans, 20 chips and a lukewarm coffee from KFC. Wife was out and I was at a late meeting, never again!
  13. TheLodger

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner

    Broccoli is devils food!
  14. TheLodger

    M + S in the Boro shutting

    The council don't own the building so will have zero say on what the rent is.
  15. TheLodger

    M + S in the Boro shutting

    He doesn't need to, last time Preston spoke he announced that thanks to him our town center is booming.
  16. TheLodger

    Inspirational quotes or advice you've folowed

    Quite a simple and famous quote, but when you think about it, especially when times are hard, nothing is more truer. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
  17. TheLodger

    Anyone following the ‘dredging of the Tees’ impact?

    Tees Valley Monitor is the place where all the info is. Everyone who lives or is slightly interested in this or anything that is to do with the TVCA should follow TeesValleyMonitor on facebok and twiter, it's excellent.
  18. TheLodger

    Virgin Media Help

    It's not unusual, the "Volt" package is still available now on it's website, still at £79PM, granted I got a few extras chucked in as a long term customer who threatened to leave, but we all have that option if we work at it.
  19. TheLodger

    Virgin Media Help

    I pay £79 for 1gb broadband and full TV including movies and sports with Netflix for 18 months guaranteed no price increases for the duration of the contract, agreed in November just gone.
  20. TheLodger

    Charity shop thread pulled?

    The mayor isn't the council, people shouldn't get confused with others who care about our area, support some of what the council is doing with being supportive of the guy who heads it.