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  1. Coach Steve

    Chelsea about to agree fee of £120m for Enzo Fernandez

    Can anyone realistically ever see this bubble popping eventually? Or are the prices of players just going to continue to rise and rise with more and more billionairs buying clubs. Tbh I can only see it getting worse I dont know if I'm right in thinking American football and basketball players...
  2. Coach Steve

    Mabile games

    Name me some good addictive games you play on your tablet or phone. Bored of all mine. Preferably free to play but don't mind paying a few quid if it worth it.
  3. Coach Steve

    Teesside Airport - more route cuts

    Keep me in a job and use your local airport 😄
  4. Coach Steve

    Good TikTok Video on MC

    Describing his tactics and what he's done for us over 100k views
  5. Coach Steve

    Teesside Airport - more route cuts

    Not 100% sure on the touch and goes I know Willis will be handling it I'm guessing it'll be grounded as they'll be doing practice runs Yes the from the little training I've done so far it'll be inbound and outbound and atm from all over Europe. We've had cargo flights coming from Europe but...
  6. Coach Steve

    Teesside Airport - more route cuts

    It's training for Cargo I'll be in for it Can't wait but don't think I've got the cahonees to Marshall it in though
  7. Coach Steve

    Teesside Airport - more route cuts

    It really doesn't matter that we have Newcastle and Leeds close by what matters is the product that's on offer if it's cheaper than the 2 above pax will choose us over them. There's lads I work with that have worked there 20/30 years and have seen the place go through its highs and lows and know...
  8. Coach Steve

    Teesside Airport - more route cuts

    I work there & they've spent a lot of money on a cargo facility in hanger 3 down by Draken that's were the moneys at in Cargo £££
  9. Coach Steve

    Do you feel the Riverside is looking a little tired these days?

    Area around could do with a spruce as well. Maybe a load of trees, landscaping and lighting?
  10. Coach Steve

    Teesside Airport Railway Station

    Yes there is a bus service which runs right upto the terminal front
  11. Coach Steve

    Teesside Airport Railway Station

    It's getting closed down the bridge is coming down next year as its not fit for purpose and as far as I'm aware it's being move further down the line to where the roundabout is which would be closer to ther terminal but still like a 5 minute walk but it's a nicer walk.
  12. Coach Steve

    central heating up-date

    We've been using ours but more than anything just to get the clothes dry. Cut our cloth in different places though like we don't really order take aways anymore unless both of us are ill or really cba cooking.
  13. Coach Steve

    Loft conversion recommendations

    At my parents place it's a old 3 bed semi and my Dad converted the loft himself that has massive sleepers running the length of the roof on both sides which is obv keeping the roof up. Mines a newer build and has them triangle supports right the way through. I'll have to get someone out to have...
  14. Coach Steve

    Anyone Heading to Qatar?

    Live broadcast shut down
  15. Coach Steve

    Loft conversion recommendations

    Cheers mate spoke to a company today and we're quoting me thousands as apparently rules have changed and a lot of reinforcement is needed and sometimes steel. 🙄
  16. Coach Steve

    Loft conversion recommendations

    Any one know anyone capable of doing it? To be honest just need support beams removing if possible a light and a new secure loft ladder ill do the rest myself. I'm.just not confident on which support beams I'm able to remove
  17. Coach Steve

    2 Dead in Poland

    Due to Russian missiles. On the day of the G20 Putin orders one of the biggest strikes on Ukraine. Now this could of been a mistake or it could of been deliberately done either way worrying if this continues to happen Poland won't stand for it and things could really worsen
  18. Coach Steve

    Nights tonight