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  1. anonn

    Cancelo to Bayern

    Loan with an option to buy. Must have fallen out with Pep for this to be on the cards? Even if he's played fewer minutes lately he's arguably been the best full back in the league for the last couple of seasons and its not like City are stacked at full back like they are in other positions.
  2. anonn

    The British media hate the national football team

    No way is there any truth in this story. You wouldn't have the FA and Arsenal sending him best wishes and asking for his privacy to be respected if he had been sent home because of a bust up. Add on to that players close to him such as Rob Holding and other team mates posting pictures on...
  3. anonn

    FM 23 out to play now - boro manager is vacant

    Little bit unrelated but after 20+ seasons on FM22 of sheer dominance and back to back CL wins etc I was given the news that a new stadium was going to be built. I excitedly/stupidly assumed they might name it after their now legendary manager only to get a memo saying: "Middlesbrough unveil...
  4. anonn

    Caller from Boro on LBC claims asylum seekers get given free cars

    Ties herself up in knots and doesn't appear to know what she's even angry about The sad thing is I'm sure she's not even a bad person but the media manipulation of us Vs them has got her angry with the wrong people.
  5. anonn

    Riley Mcgree

    Going with Carrick's preferred 4231 formation I would like to see him given a run of games as the middle one in the 3 behind the striker. Steffen Dijskteel Fry Lenihan Bola Crooks Howson Jones McGree Giles Muniz The defenders are there to defend (no overlapping CB's or any of that) Howson can...
  6. anonn

    How many faces can you see?

  7. anonn

    Viktor Gyökeres

    I dont think its glass half empty or being a bedwetter to see the issues with the current squad. There is no doubting that the signings we have made improve our first XI and when all fully fit, our GK - Defence - Midfield is as good as anyone in the division. BUT - We have McGree and...
  8. anonn

    Viktor Gyökeres

    Looks like we won't need to worry about Gayle any more anyway
  9. anonn

    16 days to go....

    You're more optimistic than me Sheriff! I don't have any issues with us waiting and making sure we get the right people in for some positions, as I said it's just the lack of depth that worries me. We have 7 games (8 with the cup) before the end of August which is a huge chunk of points to be...
  10. anonn

    16 days to go....

    That just proves my point really. I said anywhere other than defence and were knackered. We've got McGree to cover all 3 positions in midfield and no one to cover in attack. There's also a huge difference between Jones stepping into the 1st team at 22 and expecting someone like Kavanagh to do...
  11. anonn

    16 days to go....

    It's not good though is it. An injury pretty much anywhere other than in defence and were knackered.
  12. anonn

    16 days to go....

    I was thinking the same thing. Its not the glamour signings that worry me because I get that they can take time and things will move once the Prem teams start letting players out on loan etc. Its the sheer numbers needed that I find a concern because we don't have enough senior pros to even...
  13. anonn

    Prices in the club shop - Seem a bit steep?

    I know twitter isn't representative of the entire fanbase but you only have to look on the clubs tweet about training wear to see the reaction to the prices. Everyone either laughing at the absurdity of charging £75 for a hoodie or saying they just walked out of the club shop once they saw the...
  14. anonn

    Prices in the club shop - Seem a bit steep?

    I just don't see how there can be any justification for that? I understand that we want to compete at the top and with that we need to make profit etc But charging £90 for a jacket that is available online for £36 just because it has a Boro badge on it just stinks.
  15. anonn

    Prices in the club shop - Seem a bit steep?

    This isn't a stick to beat the club with as I think they've got a lot right with the new kits etc but the price of some of the items in the club shop are extortionate! I don't see how we can justify £75 for a Hoody which isn't far off double what you'd pay for a lot of main brand hoodies these...
  16. anonn

    Frankie Bam Bam

    Unless I am doing something wrong, the link doesnt work. Takes you to an 'add article' page.
  17. anonn

    If we have a third kit.

    The people have spoken...
  18. anonn

    If we have a third kit.

    Two versions of the home with red and white inverted from the 3rd kit. Didn't want to offend any purists by removing the band!
  19. anonn

    If we have a third kit.

    Think we could be onto something here Newy lad