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  1. Middlesbrough123

    Gazette saying Carrick still in the frame

    I thought he would be but sitting in the outside we never know what’s going on exactly. We’re a great club fir anyone that knows how to manage and anyone coming in with no experience deserve to have they ability tested by getting getting everything their want .
  2. Middlesbrough123

    Carrick holding Boro talks today

    Wouldn’t surprise me if we still end up with carrick i
  3. Middlesbrough123

    Name this Football Stadium.

  4. Middlesbrough123


    Had a telescope as a kid , I fancy getting one again but I need to Move into a house where there’s no neighbours in line of sight 👀👀
  5. Middlesbrough123


    Odds for Roary the lion must be the shortest they’ve been the way it’s going 🦁
  6. Middlesbrough123

    Michael carrick into 6/1 second fav

    Some that didn’t want him will now probably actually want him now they know he’s not coming lol Football fans anyway moan about what they can have
  7. Middlesbrough123

    Michael carrick into 6/1 second fav

    Dyche it is 🫣
  8. Middlesbrough123

    Michael carrick into 6/1 second fav

    Imagine signing Gayle and Larsen for big money and zero goals and be without fry 🥴
  9. Middlesbrough123

    Ronnie Pickering Mark 2

    He’s right though so many cyclists are ***** 😂
  10. Middlesbrough123

    Advanced Talks

    Exactly and that’s what happens if you step away from the pitch too long .
  11. Middlesbrough123

    Advanced Talks

    Wonder if Jamie redknapp is still saying he’s still wants to be a manager one day . Time soon ticks over , retired players shouldn’t stay out of football too long . Obviously redknapps time has passed .
  12. Middlesbrough123

    Free Gifts In Cereal

    The Americans will be much worse the sugar and E numbers in their products
  13. Middlesbrough123

    Free Gifts In Cereal

    frosties did some decent stuff . Nowdays i eat rolled oats 75p a bag i suppose the money I save could buy some better toys 😉
  14. Middlesbrough123

    Alan Nixon says.

    Yeah , i like a rookie personally. The good thing about not knowing what your getting is they could be the next best manager . Not many English managers are wining anything in my life time
  15. Middlesbrough123

    Alan Nixon says.

    The problem with an in experienced manager is you don’t know what your getting . The problem with most experienced managers is you know what your getting .
  16. Middlesbrough123

    Bruce sacked

    On course ti complete a north east hatrick, welcome to boro Bruce 🫣
  17. Middlesbrough123

    Josh Coburn to Bristol Rovers

    He’s get double figures here in a full season and probably be our top scorer now had he been fit and playing . Can see him banging a good few in for Bristol and coming back even more confident and believing he can out score any striker we have here . No World Cup break either for him so huge bonus
  18. Middlesbrough123

    I know Gibsons game now….

    The joys of social media , people make stories up and answer their own question. Their don’t like the answers ( which they’ve made up) and have a hissy fit as if it’s real . It’s probably a good time to have a break from FMTTM 🫣
  19. Middlesbrough123

    Newcastle Arabia

    Bournemouth are now American owned I think , just a matter of time before our game gets adapted
  20. Middlesbrough123

    Josh Coburn to Bristol Rovers

    Back in January regardless of what current deal is setup based on him adding a good few more goals