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  1. Jammyd

    Burnley and Blackburn ticket details released

    S01, S02, S03 have been the only blocks released yet. I'm guessing the lower tier is the 4 thousand initial allocation. So looks like we've sold just under 3 thousand. Plenty left.
  2. Jammyd

    Burnley and Blackburn ticket details released

    Just letting people know, I have 155 points so should be able to buy tickets tomorrow morning. However it has let me buy Blackburn tickets now in the 170+ bracket 👍
  3. Jammyd

    Dehenna Davison Tory MP for Bishop Auckland

    They are changing all the boundaries around Bishop/Crook/consett/Durham area so maybe she knows she's got no chance of getting back in.
  4. Jammyd

    The Netherlands are back

    Empty seats, weird atmosphere and terrible game.
  5. Jammyd

    I'm A Celeb - Matt Hancock

    Hate the guy but think him and his team have played a blinder here. Just go on social media and there is a lot of people who feel sorry for him and are supporting him now, campared to a few weeks ago when the majority were calling for him to be lynched. I've just been hammered on Instagram for...
  6. Jammyd

    Most famous person you've met....

    I once walked past Bobby Ball in a Liverpool Wetherspoons.
  7. Jammyd

    Anyone know what happened with the medical emergency in the lower south?

    Just below me, looked like he was having a seizure. Hope he's OK 👍
  8. Jammyd

    "From the naughty step" to Boro`s beating heart: 14 years of "Red Faction" rf08

    I love the Red Faction and the atmosphere they have brought back. However, they need to take that megaphone with the siren on it and throw it as far away as possible!!
  9. Jammyd

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Hull Match-Day Thread *

    Is McGree going to pull out of every tackle!! 😡
  10. Jammyd

    Micheal Carrick’s Backroom Coaching Staff?

    If you look at Mike Phelans twitter he's just arrived in Malaysia. So either he's not coming or he's the hold up.
  11. Jammyd

    Boris Johnson - next PM?

    Surprise surprise the utter weasel that is Simon Clarke has come out backing Boris.
  12. Jammyd

    Boris Johnson - next PM?

    It's like it's been the plan all along. 'force' Boris out, get a new prime minister in who's an absolute imbecile, then Boris comes back in like a hero to all the 'racists' sorry flag shagging Brexiters.
  13. Jammyd

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Coventry City Match - Day Thread *

    I honestly believe he's trying to get himself sacked now. No one is their right mind would drop Giles.
  14. Jammyd

    Arctic Monkeys Playing the Riverside Next Summer

    You do know that you don't have to actually buy anything for pre-sale? You juat sign up and get the link too.
  15. Jammyd

    Arctic Monkeys Playing the Riverside Next Summer

    Tickets bought. Very excited for this!
  16. Jammyd

    Italy v England at the San Siro

    I'll be watching U21s play Sunderland at Bishop instead 👍
  17. Jammyd

    Team tomorrow then...

    That's quite early as it's a 19.45 kick off 😂
  18. Jammyd

    We're all in this together. Inflation 10%. Cost of living crisis. Tories looking after the working classes 👍
  19. Jammyd

    Easyjet Manchester

    Yeah we had already checked in online before hand.