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  1. stjohn

    Police lied about Hillsborough

    Absolutely detested Thatcher. She was nothing but an evil b!tch.
  2. stjohn

    Watmore to Millwall ?

    Best of luck to him, he always gave 100% for us.
  3. stjohn

    Dropping passengers off and picking up at Teesside Airport.

    It IS wrong mate, yet another example of the general public being constantly ripped off! Mind you, it costs £4 to drop off near the terminal at Newcastle Airport. Boils my pish!!
  4. stjohn

    West Coast USA Fly Drive holidays - advice.

    Me and the missus went in 2018. We did 2 nights in Vegas, 3 nights in SF and then crossed over to the east coast and did 4 nights in Boston. got to admit that 2 nights in Vegas was more than enough for me - just not my scene - but then again we only went there mainly to do a helecopter ride over...
  5. stjohn

    Played for both A to Z

    George Kinnell.................... "Oh we paid £20000 for Kinnell, FOR KINNELL! Who remembers that?
  6. stjohn

    What is the most annoying sound in the world?

    Ahh that is a good one mate!
  7. stjohn

    The "General-Strike" and pay rises already won thread.

    And the very best of luck to every single striker, let's bring this government to its knees. Hate these effing tories.
  8. stjohn

    Ken Bruce Leaving R2

    ah well, that's the last decent one gone, guess I won't be listening to radio 2 any more!
  9. stjohn

    Inspirational quotes or advice you've folowed

    "Join a pension scheme as soon as you can". My Dad to a petulant 16 year old. One of the only times that I took his advice, I'm 66 now and extremely grateful for his advice!
  10. stjohn

    5 years sober today…

    Well done Sherlock mate, keep it up. UTMB!
  11. stjohn

    RIP Jeff Beck - A Legend Passes At 78 Years Young

    Christ, that was totally unexpected. RIP.
  12. stjohn

    DCI_Gene_Hunt RIP

    Such sad news. RIP.
  13. stjohn

    League Ladders

    Used to do them religiously,............................for about 2 weeks then got sick of them!
  14. stjohn

    What are your plans for tonight

    Happy New Year everyone, lets hope its a good one UTMB!
  15. stjohn

    Mayflies bbc1

    Found it a very powerful and emotional programme. Me and the wife discussed it afterwards and still couldn't decide what course of action we would take if( God forbid) we were in that situation .
  16. stjohn

    Pele has died

    RIP Pele, GOAT.
  17. stjohn

    Turning back the clock to darker days.

    That land was even more contaminated after that b1tch walked on it. Absolutely HATED her.
  18. stjohn

    Springsteen - Only the strong survive

    Around £550 with a good hotel package! I know it is a hellish expensive but also know that it'll be worth every penny, the guy is an absolute legend.