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  1. h_m_boro

    Michelle Mone

    🎯 Absolutely this
  2. h_m_boro

    TB 12 Retired “for good”

    Probably stayed one season too long. He was a shadow of his former self last season. At least he managed to make the playoffs (albeit 8-9 in a very weak division) and didn't finish 2-17 looking like Jamarcus Russell. Expect a massive broadcasting gig to be announced shortly 👍
  3. h_m_boro

    Job problems - anxiety - any advice please

    Sorry to hear this Marty. Not a lot I can add as there is already a load of good advice posted previously. Been in this situation myself a few years back. Three month review was excellent, no problems. However job I was working on started to go to sh*t (not my fault at all) but my manager (who...
  4. h_m_boro

    Enzo Fernández fee

    These Portuguese clubs must be in overdrive developing/signing good Portuguese / South American talent. They know PL clubs will come in and snap these players up for crazy fees .....thus making the clubs financially stable. Get em cheap, play them for a season or two - boom - sell them and the...
  5. h_m_boro

    Carricks first window - All positive transfers

    First window for quite a while where I wasn't particularly bothered if we didn't get a few late panic signings in. Even Ramsay was a bonus - was happy with Barlaser and Archer. 👍
  6. h_m_boro

    UK and Corruption (League Table)

    UK sliding down the global Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI). I mean, Tories can't even cover up what a Banana Republic we have become - it's here in plain sight. Effortless......
  7. h_m_boro

    Zahawi sacked

    I worked a lot on school buildings between 2007-2016, and (just in one singular borough) the condition generally was appalling. Absolutely zero investment between 1979-1997 left the buildings in very poor condition, asbestos ridden, leaking roofs, cold, damp, poor ventilation and dingy. Our...
  8. h_m_boro

    The british economy

    Government stooge on TV this morning saying all the facts/data/IMF forecasts were wrong......and their predictions were **** on. I mean, their handling of the economy over the past 13 years..... seems believable........FFS 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
  9. h_m_boro

    Zahawi sacked

    She's awful. Continually interrupts the guests/talks over them. As for the audience - proven there are more plants than a garden centre.
  10. h_m_boro

    NFL championship games

    Think that's game and the eagles off to the SB 😬
  11. h_m_boro

    NFL championship games

    Oooooh......first score, that one handed wonder catch should have been an incompletion. Wondered why Phili were so keen for the hurry up offense.....😁
  12. h_m_boro

    Mr Irrelevant

    Reddick has scared the sh*t out of him......😁
  13. h_m_boro


    No bitterness, I really don't care what he does, where he goes. But as rightly pointed out his arrogance and stubbornness was his downfall. Forss, the development player, rarely got a look in......🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️. We're looking up, not down, in a better place. No point dwelling on the past but the...
  14. h_m_boro

    Zahawi sacked

    Zahawi, as chancellor, was HMRCs boss. So HMRC had to work with their boss to sort an enormous tax avoidance issue out, one which they would have went after a normal person with vigour, looking to absolutely nail them. This all stinks and unfortunately for Zahawi he was caught - he's just the...
  15. h_m_boro

    Zahawi sacked

    I'm not defending Sunak btw. I'm genuinely shocked he's actually done it - the information against Zawahi put forward from Dan Niedle was concise, factual and overwhelming.......but for 8 days Sunak backed him and certainly looked like he was hoping the big carpet would be rolled out. Does...
  16. h_m_boro

    Ross Stewart

    Be mental if they do - unless Dyche wants to look at the full squad over a couple of weeks to see what's he's got.
  17. h_m_boro

    Ross Stewart

    Sunderland will definitely be in the playoff mix, along with 10-12 other clubs. But, losing Stewart and Simms will be a big loss for them. Also, down the stretch, squad size/quality really comes into it - not sure how deep their squad is.
  18. h_m_boro

    Zahawi sacked

    Sunak grows a pair, who'd have thought 😳
  19. h_m_boro

    You can always tell a lot about a player once they leave from his clubs fans.

    Carrick has repeatedly stated when looking for players the attitude/personality/fit is as important as the footballing ability. This certainly seems the case here. I've said for years there are players in lower Championship teams/League 1 etc who just need to be given a chance - don't need to...
  20. h_m_boro

    Akpom and Hackney

    The last player to do a Lazarus like reinvention of his Boro career was surely Zenden? And even then Zenden was playing wide left regularly, he was poor, but moved to CM and the rest is history. Akpom had no future, no squad number, and bet we would have taken a huge loss just to get him off...