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    Good things from Sunderland

    Samson with a nice creamy head was a lovely pint in my local once over.
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    Places or Buildings that blew your mind.

    The Coliseum at Rome Pyramids at Giza Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House
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    What are your plans for tonight

    Just got home, popped out for a couple of hours with our friends at the local around 2.30 but as usual ended up heading home at 9.00 and had a lovely afternoon /evening out.
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    1st/ favourite boxing day Boro game

    Derby away 1968,a top of the table clash which we lost 3-2 after 2 Big John goals had us 2-1 up then George Kinnell blatantly handled to give them a penalty which they scored then Roy McFarland scored a late winner. My favourite has to be the 1974 Sunderland game, first time I remember singing...
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    Footballers in hotels

    HOTEL DU VINny Jones
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    Footballers in the countryside

    David Wheater
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    Footballers in the countryside

    Kyle Walker Roger Hunt
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    Footballers in the countryside

    Nobby Stiles
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    Footballers in the countryside

    George Farm,Blackpool's keeper in the 50's. David Hay
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    England's 100 goals in World Cup Finals quiz

    Joe Cole Chelsea
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    My World Cup trip

    Really good write up that,I also enjoyed reading more of your blogs where you covered most of our home games plus interesting reports from the non league games you attended both on a Saturday and Sunday plus your trips abroad visiting games off the the normal tourist track.
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    Football quiz question, anyone got some decent ones. I'll start

    Who is the only Premier League team to qualify for Europe who finished the season with a -4 goal difference.
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    Middlesbrough links to this World Cup..

    Alan Knill is on the Wales coaching team.
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    Uruguay v s Korea

    The female commentator is Pien Mulhensteen,the daughter of our future coach possibly.