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    The Last of Us TV Show

    Watched episode 3 today. A little disappointed as I was expecting the best hour of tv ever. Although it was good, no where near best tv ever. In fact, I found myself looking at my phone half a dozen times. Didn't live up to the hype IMHO, maybe that was the problem. Dont hype something up too...
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    Wrexham doing well here.

    Proper cup tie. Much rather watch this than City / Arsenal or Brighton / Liverpool. All premiership ties should be banned from live TV whilst lower league teams are in. Give them some money rather than top up the billions of the premiership.
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    “The Traitors” tonight.

    Watched the whole USA version on iplayer over the weekend. Its just as good as the UK version. Mainly the same games but not as many twists. Kate is a good contestant. The ending is brutal.
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    Frank Lampard Sacked

    Half my in laws are Everton fans, season ticket holders mostly. They are all totally peeved off with the club, mostly blaming the board. They have had enough of mediocre football and not winning anything, plus the stick they get from the red side of the city. Ive tried to convince them that a...
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    Frank Lampard Sacked

    He's nailed on to become a Citeh fan next season.
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    The Last of Us TV Show

    "You have to follow the story which I won't spoil but involves the girl quite heavily" Im assuming the last two minutes of the first episode, when the guard scans them, gives a major clue to her importance. That clip of the car battery gives a good insight into the game play.
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    The Last of Us TV Show

    Watched the first episode today. Haven't played the game, never even heard of it before reading this thread. How is it true to the game? As a player do you have to look for the battery? Crack the radio code? Rescue the girl? Is it that type of game?
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    Royal Mail boss Simon Thompson - a lovely man

    Simon Thompson sat there and avoided the questions, and the ones he actually answered, he lied. If it has been proved he lied to the committee, what are the potential consequences?
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    “The Traitors” tonight.

    I came late to the party and only just finished watching the UK version last weekend. Binge watched in a week. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and I never watch reality shows. Had a quick peak at the USA version. Same castle, same games, can only assume the same format of murders and recruiting. The...
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    Name a place you have visited that never lived up to the hype.

    Benidorm - lads ***ed up and throwing up in the Tiki bar at midday. Sticky Vicki etc. Still go there every year though 😁 Malta was nice but went to a cove which was meant to be spectacular and crystal clear blue sea. Could only get there by boat. Arrived and there were hundreds of boats...
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    William assaulted Harry...

    One thing is for sure, this thread will be more entertaining than his book.
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    What Concerns You About Football?

    1. Stop the clock when a player rolls around on the floor, and when substitutes are made. Ref should just make a time out sign and an independent person stops the clock. Have a count down timer in the ground for all to see. Just like rugby league. 2. Stop the harassment of the ref. There was an...
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    New Years Honours List

    Nothing for Beckham?
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    Recommend me a Film on Netflix or Prime.

    You ask for recommendations, ignore them, and watch your own choice. Did you say you were in politics? 😁😄
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    Had the same text. Previously ordered something through Wickes about 2 years ago. Definite scam, maybe Wickes have been hacked.
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    Southgate staying on for the Euros

    Excellent news. Another quarter or semi final exit when we meet a decent team. I don't think he's done much wrong, took us to the next level, but I don't think he can take us all the way. No idea who his replacement should be though.
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    Mick Lynch

    Just watched Jonathan Pies latest rant. Absolutely brilliant. Needs to be on every news channel. I can't link it, maybe someone can do it for me.
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    Ben White

    Pompous it is then, thanks for clearing that up 👍
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    Ben White

    I'm trying to work out if this reply is pompous or Dunning - Kruger Syndrome
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    Do you have any problems with the background music? I found that even when two characters are talking, the music nearly drowns out their conversation. Loving the series though.