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  1. jam69

    Booing taking the knee

    Being anti racist isn't political
  2. jam69

    What song would you like to be played at your funeral?

    Saw doctors I'll be on my way
  3. jam69

    West Coast USA Fly Drive holidays - advice.

    Been to the West Coast a few times, but not for a good 20 years, fancy a trip back, what sort of cost excluding spending money for those trips above?
  4. jam69

    Lunch out...Plus my ratings of local places to try

    Which is the good beer in the tipsy cow?
  5. jam69

    Not sure if this has been posted but Simon Clarke...

    Easterside too I think, though Saltburn seems more Labour than tory?
  6. jam69

    M + S in the Boro shutting

  7. jam69

    M + S in the Boro shutting

    Are those places not on teesside?
  8. jam69

    Boris given £1m donation

    Another staunch brexiter who lives overseas
  9. jam69

    Tory MP Andrew Bridgen suspended

    Already serving a 5 day ban for another offence
  10. jam69

    DCI_Gene_Hunt RIP

    Sad news, like many others I enjoyed the gigs he put on. RIP
  11. jam69

    The Friday beer and music thread

    Good beers and free pizza in off the ground 🍕🍺
  12. jam69

    Hospital beds under the tories

    Despite the growth in population there's around 20k less hospital beds under this dispicable government.
  13. jam69

    Govt to ban strikes

    Who's called you hard left?
  14. jam69

    Another nail in the coffin to m'bro town centre shopping

    Where's the bus lanes?
  15. jam69

    Another nail in the coffin to m'bro town centre shopping
  16. jam69

    Watched a lovely film over the holidays

    It was about this tight greedy money worshipping tory miser who hated the working classes and revelled in seeing them struggle, he dispisied them getting a paud day off and never gave his staff a rise. Anyway on Christmas eve he goes through this transformation which points out the errors of...
  17. jam69

    Thunberg/Tate Twitter spat..

    Not really, oat milk in lidl is on par with fresh milk
  18. jam69

    Stanley baxter followed by the old grey

    Whistle test. Are they on tonight?
  19. jam69

    A Week's Holiday in Sicily. Advice?

    Lovey part of the world
  20. jam69

    Pay on the night

    Those prices are what championship football should be, well done Blackburn