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    Watmore to Millwall ?

    His salary won't be a consideration - he's on about 4k a week or something according to figures published on here the other day - dirt cheap for a player of his quality. Disastrous move for me and, as others have said, the fact it's to a direct rival makes it even worse.
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    Rod Stewart ringing sky today

    Downtown Train for the Tories
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    Jim Platt - 71 - all the very best

    The Boro keeper of my youth, from when I first started watching Boro. He always did that thing of catching it, then dropping it then catching it again. Almost like a basketball thing. Or did I imagine that. So long ago!
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    Neil Warnock to Cardiff?

    He has a certain effectiveness but I'm glad he's no longer our manager. His Boris-love stuck in the craw for me, but was exactly what you would have expected. No doubt if we beat them he'll have a whinge ready and if we go up he'll claim some retrospective credit.
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    Brian Laws on Roy Keane

    I just saw this post on facebook. The reason I post it here is because not only do I remember Brain Laws being a top player for the Boro I used to sometimes get free passes into the 100 Club at Ayresome and free away tickets; my mate's dad got pally with him because he ran Blue Bell Garage -...
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    The best interview I’ve heard this year.

    Wilder gives the impression of someone who'd start a fight in an empty room. 200 games, fair play to Dael
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    Has Isaiah reached his ceiling?

    He's a kid from Tooting who got a pro contract and probably couldn't believe it, but teams wouldn't be doubling up on him if he hadn't shown something. I agree that repetitions - of crossing, of first touch exercises - are what's needed. Traore blossomed from embarrassing to unplayable. Jones...
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    David Wagner to Norwich

    I liked him too. I did too. Getting them up and keeping them up in the first season was an achievement. They had some good moments and no way did they stink the place out like we did when we went up under Karanka (for one gloomy season).
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    Starmers response to rishi pledges

    I've only read the first page - I might well read the rest - but already there seem to be three types of poster/voter: 1/ "Labour aren't this, aren't that; they haven't done enough to convince me." Basically, you're a Tory, you vote Tory; however, you know you're on a left-wing board and you...
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    New Signings? Automatic Promotion?

    I think Hackney benefits from having Howson's experience alongside him - with another young player he might not look so composed. We definitely need to replace Howson long term but it should be a proven schemer who, like Howson, can provide the stability for Hackney to continue to flourish
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    Ross Stewart

    Selling Watmore is up there with selling Bamford for stupidity. I'll lose faith in Carrick if it's true but I don't believe it
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    Selling Jack Grealish

    Well, I was really just thinking how you would sell him (in a satirical manner natch). But I bet Pep would sell him. Oh, there he goes setting one up!
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    Selling Jack Grealish

    "We've got this player, he hardly ever scores or assists, but he does these really showy backwards diagonal runs, over and over, and either gets fouled or lays it off 5 yards (backwards). We want 100 million for him"
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    Recommend me a Film on Netflix or Prime.

    Parasite is great movie, but another family drama from the Far East, a Sun (Taiwan) is superior imo. On Netflix.
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    Recommend me a Film on Netflix or Prime.

    The Best two films I've seen on Prime recently were Detachment and American Woman - both strangle with British actors (playing Americans) in the lead roles
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    Jones getting pelters on the radio after the game

    He benefits when Dijksteel is in the team creating overloads. He doesn't work so well with Smith. Also, he had a good understanding with Crooks. It's good he's no longer a wing-back, having to tear back to his own box the whole time, but could benefit from different personnel in his area of...
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    Sunak understands the challenges people face

    It's appalling that anyone should highlight why the UK Prime Minister asked a homeless man in a Christmas food shelter if he was in business. What's Christmas for if not to have stuff like that banned?
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    Tories win local election in Normanby

    We all make mistakes. It's putting them right that counts. Happy Xmas to you too.
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    Rehabilitation for everyone?

    Up until I knew a family bereaved by (cold-blooded, brutal and senseless) murder, I took the classic comfortable liberal position on this issue. Since then I have asked similar questions to the OP: Why is the murderer alive when the sweet brilliant father he bludgeoned to death, who helped so...
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    YouGov Poll - 33 Point lead!

    Ffs, happy Christmas! Never underestimate the sheer volume of woodwork that exists for Tories to crawl out of.