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  1. BernieisGod

    Ross Stewart

    He'll only have six months or so left on his contract by the time he recovers and will have serious doubts about his fitness. I wonder if they wish they'd cashed on him in this window?
  2. BernieisGod

    Adam Clayton

    Great story that and sorry to hear of your loss. I personally think you should keep the shirt though, purely due to the message to your Dad.
  3. BernieisGod

    Spence on bench for Spuds

    Or makes a loan bid for him!
  4. BernieisGod

    The most predictable things people say

    Whenever anyone is ill, no matter what it is - 'There's a lot of that going around'
  5. BernieisGod

    Bolton vs Derby sky sports football

    Had this game earmarked as part of doing the 92 but due to car issues (££££) I couldn't make it. Looks like a good one to have missed.
  6. BernieisGod

    Play offs still on?

    I think we'll get top six. Of the 11 teams above us, I'm confident we'll overtake Millwall, Sunderland, Swansea, QPR, Reading, Blackburn and PNE. All of them are very ordinary Not so sure we'll catch up Burnley, Sheff United, Norwich or Watford. Nobody behind us to be feared. I'll say a...
  7. BernieisGod

    QPR vs Burnley

    Jamie Mackie I think
  8. BernieisGod

    Going to Derby v Sheff Wed...

    I went to that fixture a few years back. As others have said there is a couple by the station, there then follows a pleasant riverside walk to the ground.
  9. BernieisGod

    Coburn staying at Bristol Rovers.

    Ground 79 today of the current 92. Done a few others who've since been relegated like Barnet, Torquay and Dagenham. Not sure how many with Boro off hand. Rovers fans like Josh and are well happy he seems to be there for the season. Good game today, Fleetwood went one up and Josh equalised...
  10. BernieisGod

    Coburn staying at Bristol Rovers.

    Josh scored today and won MOM!
  11. BernieisGod

    Coburn staying at Bristol Rovers.

    I'm off to Bristol Rovers tomorrow for their game with Fleetwood as part of doing the 92. I went to Brentford v Gillingham in the week for the same reason and got chatting to a bunch of Rovers fans. One is part of the ground staff and said he'll get us on the pitch at the end of the game for a...
  12. BernieisGod

    What is the coolest thing you own?

    From a Boro point of view, a rejection letter from the club when I applied for the vacant managers job back in 1991. I was 13. It's framed along with the advert from the paper.
  13. BernieisGod


    I hate it as well. Dark nights, ***** weather. Roll on spring.
  14. BernieisGod

    How ambitious is Steve Gibson?

    That's what everyone said about Wilder though and there's plenty that say he wasn't backed?
  15. BernieisGod

    Steve Clarke anyone?

    Absolutely not. Wasn't he one of the Chelsea players in the play off year giving it large in the press about how they were going to stuff us in the second leg? Not that I hold a grudge or anything!
  16. BernieisGod

    Has it rained where you are ?

    Fair bit of rain down here in Fareham. First in ages!
  17. BernieisGod

    Another year closer to being 40

    I'm 44, it's all good! Happy birthday for when it comes.
  18. BernieisGod

    Southend United Sponsorship Gaffe

    Superb publicity for Gilbert & Rose I'd say!
  19. BernieisGod

    1986 could have been so different, fate

    I was there, in the Charlton end for some reason? Last game of the season wasn't it?
  20. BernieisGod

    1986 could have been so different, fate

    You say that but didn't Pickering have a far better win % at Boro than Rioch?! ;)