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  1. Biggy

    Team to play Millwall?

    Need Crooks in the team tomorrow, they are a big physical team and he is a Tree.
  2. Biggy

    Martin Payero

    He would maybe play a bit part for us, Mcgree has shown 10x more ability and competence than Payero ever has. I wanted him to flourish but to be honest I'm not sure he is good enough.
  3. Biggy

    Martin Payero

    Where does he play? Who is he replacing on current form?
  4. Biggy

    “The Traitors” tonight.

    outstanding find.
  5. Biggy

    An experiment to try and prove a point.

    Live .. Chris Waddle, he completely destroyed us. TV... Michael Laudrup , still think he is my favourite ever player.
  6. Biggy

    Fikayo Tomori

    Akpom in .... Suprise
  7. Biggy

    Favourite Opening Lines to a song....

    Well you didn't wake up this morning 'cause you didn't go to bed You were watching the whites of your eyes turn red The calendar on your wall was ticking the days off You've been reading some old letters You smile and think how much you've changed All the money in the world couldn't buy back...
  8. Biggy

    Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink Resigns As Burton Manager

    I'd still have him.
  9. Biggy

    "THE OFFER" Godfather Drama

    Genuinely loved this . Got slated as well . There's some outstanding performances , loved every episode.
  10. Biggy

    Change Of Mood

    Boro can't help the way the market is , they also can't change the deadline being do deep into the season. It will work our ok. We are ahead of most and have the money sat there, most teams still havnt shifted the players on to give them funds yet. We will be good so if we can all stop *******...
  11. Biggy

    Spurs announcing Djed at long last

    After he triggers the 7.5m add ons
  12. Biggy

    Grant Leadbitter back at Boro

    So many sensible and smart things happening at The Boro of late.
  13. Biggy

    Silence of The Rams

    20 for Mel, 3.5 for Steve
  14. Biggy

    Isaiah Jones

    We will be equally as strong on both sides . Quality player.
  15. Biggy

    Isaiah Jones

    Giles just stopped that.
  16. Biggy

    Focus on one time record signing Billy Ashcroft

    Billy and Stan Cummins . My 1st heroes.
  17. Biggy

    Absolute class

    I never thought it would happen with me and the girl from Clapham. 1st words of a song I learned from start to finish.
  18. Biggy

    What would be your Wordle Average?

    3.88 160 games.
  19. Biggy

    Private Hearing Aids

    On holiday atm. Back 20th. Will give you a shout and take you through it all mate. 2k is a great budget, opens up a lot of options .
  20. Biggy

    Private Hearing Aids

    Those are Phonak Marvels. Boots hearing are owned by Phonak , that's pretty much all they sell. We sell.all major brands , some are far better than others and more suitable for different types of losses. Main reason to get independent advice and not take product advice off football forums 😀