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  1. Nero

    Oasis - Definitely Maybe

    Regardless of anyone opinions. If you grew up in the 90's Definitely Maybe and What's the Story are absolutely brilliant albums that define an era for young people in those days. Oasis were never the best band lyrically, but it wasn't about that. Give me Wonderwall, Some Might Say and Rock n...
  2. Nero

    Ross Stewart

    Yet another mega thread on their board about not caring about Boro! That board is ridiculous by the way. Totally arrogant and full of self importance. The Mackems I know (and I know loads) are not like that.
  3. Nero

    Yesterday was a huge game

    After defeat in the previous game it was imperative to win at home. A big three points to keep some momentum.
  4. Nero

    Surely the this is a joke - speechless

    Exactly. It's clear that American right-wing tactics are now on full display in Britain. This is about spreading an ideology through almost brain washing people. Anyone watching GB News or TalkTV probably voted Brexit, thinks England is "being invaded" and hates all those foreigners coming here...
  5. Nero

    Barlaser Deal Agreed!

    He's rubbish, can't pass forwards and is weak as p*ss. Just getting that in early :)
  6. Nero

    Wetherspoons closes 39 pubs

    Absolutely. One of the popular pubs in Billingham charge more per pint than Weatherspoons for a drink that is far less quality too. I'd prefer a decent pint of IPA in Spoons to a pint of rubbish Madri!
  7. Nero

    Wetherspoons closes 39 pubs

    Despite the founder being a d*ck I have nothing against Weatherspoons. They have a great selection of beer at reasonable prices. Also, some of their pubs are in fantastic buildings. If you like architecture it must be appreciated.
  8. Nero

    Hackney 2nd goal 🤷‍♂️

    And so it begins... Only a few weeks ago people were waxing lyrical about the lad. He's a young professional player who will have bad games. This board is ridiculous with players at times. Bipolar even.
  9. Nero

    One of those games…

    I'm out at sea and couldn't watch so have a completely different perspective on it (exactly like England's Quarter Final in the World Cup). It's not often Boro lose against the Mackems, so we'll have to take it on the chin. The Watford game becomes huge now. If the play-offs are the aim then...
  10. Nero

    German and USA Tanks

    Do you work for the MOD or something?!? :) Brilliant knowledge.
  11. Nero

    It’s all quiet on the western front

    A myth that Britain likes to tell itself. As Soutra states, Germany was no more to blame for WW1 than Britain, France, Austria-Hungry, or Russia. An assassination in Serbia, a country part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the time was the start of a chain reaction. Serbia wanted independence...
  12. Nero

    It’s all quiet on the western front

    It's a harrowing yet brilliant film. I like that it's told from the German perspective and shows that in reality there were no winners. Utter destruction and mass casualties and for what? Humans killing humans in the most brutal way possible.
  13. Nero

    Levelling up - details announced

    Levelling up is a total con designed to win votes. How can an area like the North East be levelled up with £100m when the area has had something like £28 billion removed because of Tory Austerity?
  14. Nero

    Not sure if this has been posted but Simon Clarke...

    It's incredible that people in the area voted for him! The cult of Brexit I suppose.
  15. Nero

    M + S in the Boro shutting

    Unfortunately this news is no surprise. Shopping habits have changed massively as online retail starts to take over. Just look within a small radius in the North East. Amazon has a "fulfilment" centre at Darlington, Bowburn and soon to be at Wolviston / Wynyard. Three massive facilities that can...
  16. Nero

    Carrick interview with Jimmy Floyd

    Didn't someone say the other day (on another thread) that all Geordies are horrible people, or something? Carrick is as Geordie as they come and is clearly a great bloke. Like most Geordies in fact!
  17. Nero

    Clarkson sacked by Amazon

    Most other countries couldn't give a damn either.
  18. Nero

    Clarkson sacked by Amazon

    Pulling a Royal Family and Aristocracy through the dirt. Surely most normal people don't give a damn.
  19. Nero

    Clarkson sacked by Amazon

    I said at the time that Clarkson doesn't actually mean the comments he wrote. It's his laddish sense of humour and an attempt at being funny. He badly misjudged what reaction it would receive and if anything it's very poor from the awful Sun newspaper for publishing rubbish like that. Amazon...
  20. Nero

    FM 23 out to play now - boro manager is vacant

    It certainly seems easier than previous versions. I was beaten in the play-off final first season, but finished second the next. I'm currently 9th in the Premier League in January.