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  1. Linthorpe_Exile

    "Mighty, mighty Middlesbrough!"

    Watched the highlights (again) and I still think Tomlin is going to score 😁
  2. Linthorpe_Exile

    For tea tonight...

    Haventseenyouforawhilesowelcomeback (y)
  3. Linthorpe_Exile

    DCI_Gene_Hunt RIP

    Terrible news. RIP.
  4. Linthorpe_Exile

    Humbling defeat

    Sheff U, WBA, Sunlun all with at least 1 more fixture (clutches straw)
  5. Linthorpe_Exile

    Humbling defeat

  6. Linthorpe_Exile

    RIP Gianluca Vialli

    He was veery emotional.... vid link here :
  7. Linthorpe_Exile


    I thought he was good as a pundit on R5Live commentaries... wasn't expecting him to be but he put his points across well
  8. Linthorpe_Exile

    The Christmas song you can't stand

    Me too .... with a passion that surprises myself :oops:
  9. Linthorpe_Exile

    Stuart Adamson

    BC One of my favourite bands - didn't get the chance to see them live (other than Barrowlands NYE gig on TV iirc) ... Stuart a great musician, sadly missed.
  10. Linthorpe_Exile

    Anybody Take Statins to Lower Cholesterol?

    I'm addicted to porridge :eek:
  11. Linthorpe_Exile

    Many happy returns Craig Johnston

    Not long after his arrival, I played against him in a Sunday League or some other Old Boys type game. The two of us were due to lock horns in a ferocious midfield battle, but it turned out that I was simply too crap.
  12. Linthorpe_Exile

    This day 1973 - Only a draw this day

    Mine too... as well as possibly being the best time of my life :unsure: (y)
  13. Linthorpe_Exile

    Blast from the past - October 1977 - The beginning of the end for 2 of our best ever players & top legends

    2 of our best ever players & top legends Spot on - it was a privilege to see them play.
  14. Linthorpe_Exile

    Smile or say cheese!

  15. Linthorpe_Exile

    This day 1959 - And that man again

    Great stuff again Erimus, thanks. I would love to have been a "fly on the wall" for that meeting. Any thoughts as to what was going on ??
  16. Linthorpe_Exile

    Labour to ditch House of Lords

    Could do with reforming the voting system at the same time
  17. Linthorpe_Exile

    This day 1933 - Our record score

    Just wow.
  18. Linthorpe_Exile

    Johnson coining it in

    Boris Johnson received £276,130 plus expenses for US speech Couldn't make it up