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    I’ve changed my tune.. the left sided attacker

    Nothing else for today. The poor lad is exhausted.
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    Balagon on the other hand clearly had talent and Wilder chose to waste it.
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    I didnt see much from Connolly when he was with us to think anything other than what a wasting talent. If as you suggest Muniz he was fighting demons at the time then maybe Hull will benefit greatly. Shame we had him at such a low ebb.
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    Here we go again - Lord Wharton of Yarm did not declare his financial support for Rachel Houchen’s husband

    Wharton got his baronet for being Johnson’s campaign manager. If anybody who doesn’t deserve being titled Lord it is this fella
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    It was a cracking goal too. Real predatory instinct. Clink the url to watch.
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    Zahawi sacked

    Fiona Bruce should not be hosting QT. Her husband is a Conservative Party donor and as a result has £3m of a government contracts. There is no way she can or indeed does behave impartially because of this. That coupled with the audience finder for the programme being an Ex UKIP member is the...
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    NFL Championship Games

    The best two teams all season. Eagles v Chiefs. That’s how it should be. Looking forward to it and can’t call it.
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    Wrexham doing well here.

    Brilliant performance by Wrexham this half.
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    Wrexham doing well here.

    They deserved that equaliser. Pulverising the Blades
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    Paddy McNair

    Thought he was outstanding yesterday and a great response to the stick he was getting against Brighton.
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    Zahawi sacked

    It was Zahawi letter which just shows no sign of remorse. The man’s arrogance is contemptible.
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    Brighton v Liverpool itv now

    How good was Mitoma with that winner.
  13. Cardiffdaffs

    Zahawi sacked

    No remorse whatsoever.
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    ITV EFL Highlights

    Just watching it now. Amazing. More off field coverage than we get on some live games. Great interview with Michael despite Browns rather inane questions.
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    Booing taking the knee

    We are still to purge from the game this shyte.
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    Paddy McNair

    Yes it was. Stick for his performance against one of the best sides in the country right now and thrown in with lack of full match sharpness.
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    Mayor of Kingstown

    Written and created by the lead singer of Canadian band the Headstones. He was born in Kingstown, Ontario so probably living out his fantasy of mayor of his town of birth.
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    Paddy McNair

    And so he should be. Fry has been excellent of late and whilst it was great Paddy filled in for him brilliantly yesterday we will need Fry at his best and sharpest for the challenges to come away at Sheff U and West Brom in the next month.
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    Pork scratchings

    Have to say they are as guilty a pleasure as you could want but when you have high cholesterol many things are including cheese and crisps.