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  1. LeeMiller

    Watmore’s replacement is…

    Just missed out on Shelvey
  2. LeeMiller

    Watmore’s replacement is…

    And one other? Could be interesting tomorrow. Good luck Dunc
  3. LeeMiller

    Ross Stewart

    Hope he gets back playing soon. Only positive for Sunderland was that it wasn’t next weekend. Have a few days left to replace him if possible
  4. LeeMiller

    Watford reminded me of

    Norwich the season they beat us in the Play off final. Norwich were awful when we beat them 4-0 at home but were a complete different proposition later in the season. Lots of Watfords players looked like they didn’t want to be here today. If we have to play them again this year, be warned...
  5. LeeMiller

    What song would you like to be played at your funeral?

    Embrace - The good will out Mind. I play it about 20 times a day
  6. LeeMiller

    Great historical trainspotting locations

    As a kid Toton was my go to
  7. LeeMiller

    Brain Drain

    Misread thread title. But still, here you go. Loved big Bri
  8. LeeMiller

    The weekend beer and music thread

    Good Evening Middlesbrough, (and those unfortunate not to live in the environs) Getting tucked into my birthday beers (over Christmas), with some from Allendale Brewery. And music from further north, Frightened Rabbit. Enjoy!
  9. LeeMiller

    Football League Cup SF [1st Leg] Forest v United

    Favourite Nottnum sayings I’ve got anedache Go rand Redhill sporrrr, they have discannnnnnn Wanna cum rand r arsssssss On me sen
  10. LeeMiller

    Football League Cup SF [1st Leg] Forest v United

    Believe it’s pronounced “ cowd”
  11. LeeMiller

    Djed Spence return

    Where’s your manners? Why not, Spurs pay his wages, he does well for us. Value goes up, Spurs sell him, we get a % as I’m sure we will have a sell in clause. Or he goes to somewhere like West Brom, rips it up and keeps us out of the play offs
  12. LeeMiller

    Boro fans are...

    Yeah, all good points. But we were pants today. Game over, move on
  13. LeeMiller

    No fans of course it’s a pen

    A different angle. Definite contact but clearly not in the box
  14. LeeMiller

    No fans of course it’s a pen

    Linesman 20 yards away. He didn’t flag but will have had radio contact with ref. His input will have been critical, especially around the placement of the foul
  15. LeeMiller

    No fans of course it’s a pen

    I think the fact that Stewart is slightly ahead of Fry “gives him the right” to act like he’s been fouled. We shouldn’t have been defending in away to let that be the case. It gives the officials to make whatever decision they want to. Overall though we weren’t very good today
  16. LeeMiller

    No fans of course it’s a pen

    Don’t want to fall out but how was it a genuine attempt to play the ball. More disappointing is getting caught out by a punt over the top
  17. LeeMiller

    One of those games…

    Too passive in first half. Unable to see if we’d be better in the 2nd Half due to Red card. Disappointed that game turns on just a punt over the top
  18. LeeMiller

    Not the end of the world

    Yeah, you maybe right
  19. LeeMiller

    Not the end of the world

    Not sure about that, if we are serious about automatic promotion, we need to win every week
  20. LeeMiller

    The Friday beer and music thread

    When in Edinburgh for the Hibs game (actually to James Bay, night before). They had it on there. “Did you know I was coming”. Blank looks all round