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  1. Jedi boro

    The England team spirit is obvious to see

    Whatever you think of Gareth as England manager there’s one thing no one can argue with and that’s the way he seems to have created a true team spirit. They want to be there and they want to wear that shirt and it’s great to see.
  2. Jedi boro

    For sale one lion head

    Only one prev owner
  3. Jedi boro

    Qatar considering Olympic bid now

    As they think the World Cup has gone so well now they turn their attention to the IOC.
  4. Jedi boro

    We are not alone - Dave

    Has anyone seen it yet what did you think. I liked it, it’s classic Dave btw it’s a 2 hour one off not a series.
  5. Jedi boro

    USA Holland Australia Argentina

    You could argue the two biggest upsets could come today if at all with the usa facing Holland and the Aussies facing Argentina. Both would be eye opening results with the Aussies being the bigger obviously. It as no secret that The USA have based their game on the German model over the last...
  6. Jedi boro

    Has the nations league impacted European sides

    Take England as an example When was the last time we played a non European side a Brazil or a Cameroon in a friendly as all we seem to do now is play seemingly endless games v Italy Holland Germany Spain etc and it’s the same for the other European sides. Yes covid had an impact as well but it’s...
  7. Jedi boro

    The “real” World Cup starts today

    I love the group games but let’s be honest they are largely there for padding to give all the qualified nations 3 games at least and they are more about finding a balance and just getting through often with the last game used as dead rubber to experiment even further. But all that ends today as...
  8. Jedi boro

    Could F1 be about to introduce “reverse” DRS

    To hamper the leader and prevent blow out wins. It’s certainly an interesting concept.
  9. Jedi boro

    Kathryn Ryan on Louis Theroux

    Mentioned naming a sexual predator on a show to his face on air in the show and says that everyone in showbiz knows. But that it didn’t make the edit. Scary to think this still happens after the saville episode.
  10. Jedi boro

    Who has been our most decorated player ever

    In relation to the Andy Townsend thread dredged up from the archives I was thinking who has been the most decorated player to represent the boro ( so all titles trophies count in their career not just those win with us) from any league as well not just uk ones. So I have my ideas but I’ll wait...
  11. Jedi boro

    Australia v Denmark - Riley starts.

    Huge game this as currently aus sit second and even a draw could be enough to put them through.
  12. Jedi boro

    England have never played Senegal before

    There can’t be many countries that we haven’t played even in a friendly.
  13. Jedi boro

    First time two British sides have ever met in a World Cup

    That’s quite a thing isn’t it.
  14. Jedi boro

    Poll who do you WANT to qualify alongside England in group B

    Not who do you think will but who do you want to qualify. Btw I’ve made it anonymous as well
  15. Jedi boro

    Black grape England’s Ire

    Playing a few tunes to get that pre match mood and I forgot joe strummer was on this.
  16. Jedi boro

    World Cup rnd 3 of group games starts today

    Away from England’s group and the others are pretty tight as well with most still not having any overall winner. It’s going to be a nervy rest of the week for a few sides and I expect a few shock along the way.
  17. Jedi boro

    Ferrari F1 chief has gone

    Breaking news
  18. Jedi boro

    FA CUP third round draw on bbc 2 tonight at 7pm

    We are ball 25 3rd rnd day is still A magical day that is truly unique in sport
  19. Jedi boro

    Southgate confirms Henderson for Bellingham tomorrow

    On itv now
  20. Jedi boro

    The next World Cup format sounds horrendous

    For those that don’t know FIFA in 2017 voted to expand the 2026 World Cup from 32 teams to 48 teams. It will consist of 16 groups of three, with the top two teams in each group advancing to a round of 32. Who knows maybe even Scotland might qualify