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    What on earth has happened to Jones the last 10-12 months

    I understand why Smith is currently in the side but Djiksteel would give us a double threat down the right and would link up well with Jones. I think Jones confidence has taken a knock and he is almost trying too hard.
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    Decent crowd on Saturday?

    Yes and playing that on a Sunday at Villa Park stuffed us for the UEFA Final on the Wednesday 👍🏼
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    I don’t think there’s any doubt the bloke is a decent manager. For a while we all bought into the high press, keep possession and move the ball quickly mantra. Unfortunately, when levels dropped there wasn’t a plan B in Wilders armoury and it appeared that the pressure rattled him. Missing out...
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    Malcolm Christie

    Saw him at Teesside Park just the other day!
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    The problem I see is that the squad is very much shaped to play 3 at the back and wing backs. At times last night we looked incredibly soft on the flanks playing a 4. The spine was good last night but Forss, McGree and at times Giles/Jones were peripheral. It will be interesting to see how...
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    You can already see how carrick wants his side to play.

    I must be seeing things differently - surely it was Leo that changed the system to 4 at the back and Carrick has simply continued with that system and personnel. I’m sure in time we will see a Carrick style team emerging but that won’t really take shape until after the January transfer window...
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    So much more comfortable in a back 4

    Well yes agree with most of that…but I don’t think Giles can play LB in a four. Time will tell. Nothing sticks with Forss, almost a liability tonight. Great three points though 👍🏼
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    Hayden Hackney

    Getting better with every game. Hackney and Lenihan excellent tonight.
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    At Stockton Globe tomorrow

    The Italian opposite the aGlobe, Sorriso Is ok. It gets booked up! Personally, I would go to the Hope and Union in Green Dragon Yard. Enjoy
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    Did we play 3 at the back or 4?

    Took me a while to figure it out but as the game developed it looked like 4231 - Watmore Hackney and Jones behind Akpom
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    Why do we support boro dad.?

    ‘A club is for life…not just for trophy’s!’ Read that somewhere and it resonated with me!
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    I thought he had a very solid game. The whole back line looked more settled as a result.
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    What formation will Leo play on Wednesday?

    Same system but with 2 up top and Giles at LWB (Jones suspended). I would probably go with - Steffen Djiksteel Fry Lenihan Bola Giles Howson McGree Crooks Muniz Akpom
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    Edwards it is folks...

    Yes I agree EFL…but often Managers almost stumble across a formula and group of players that works. They then learn from that and try to replicate it…but it doesn’t take much to derail the whole plan.
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    Edwards it is folks...

    Let’s be honest…it could be anyone off the Managerial Merry Go Round. Sometimes it just clicks…more often than not it doesn’t!
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    Team to face Coventry?

    Steffen Djiksteel Lenihan Clarke Jones Giles Crooks. Howson. Mcgree Muniz. Akpom
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    Countdown Arctic Monkeys>>>>>>>>>>>

    Joined 9am, straight in and got tickets no problem 👍🏼
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    Team tomorrow then...

    My mistake…I knew he’d had several injuries
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    Team tomorrow then...

    I’m amazed that people are picking Luongo…the blokes hardly played for 2 years and has had no pre season. Surely he wouldn’t last long in a competitive game? Steffen (if fit) comes in for me along with Djiksteel and Watmore. Robert’s, McNair and Mowatt on the bench.
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    Belfast - the movie

    Good film, enjoyed it