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    Tickets for rugby on sunday

    Hi...we have a new vet at work who.likes rugby...told him about the rugby on Sunday..he asked how to get tickets....any ideas if any left and how to get them...can you pay on door etc.
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    "Biggest clubs" by area

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    Them poor girls would have been 30 this year. I'm still unsure if she knew/suspected or if she was so blind to Huntley she truly didn't believe it. The programme these last 3 nights didn't sway it either way.
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    Stop the abuse please

    This country has gone under a massive change in 2 weeks. Now I have a lot of respect for the royal family, but I do understand a lot don't and that's fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion. What's p!ssing me off now about this board, on any difference, is the amount of name calling...
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    Bit of help please

    Daughter is in her last year of GCSE's and is flying in history so she's a bit obsessed with everything that's going on at the minute. She's just asked me if the plane carrying the Queen will fly over us tonight and if she'll be able to see it. Anyone any advice on how I can look/check the...
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    9 year old shot in Liverpool

    Just been watching the press conference on this, horrific story. The gunman is the absolute scum of the earth (I can go a lot further but it'll only get censored) and 15 years to the day since Rhys Jones was shot and killed. RIP Olivia😪😪😪
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    Haven't watched it since I was in my 20's (a while back now 😏😏😏), but had to dip in to tonights final episode. I was always a Mike fan meself (while everyone was swooning over Scott). The only one who hadn't seemed to age a day was Harold 🤣🤣🤣
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    RIP Dame Deborah James

    Faced her battle with such courage and bravery, whilst raising awareness and funds to help others win their fights 😪😪
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    Pet Shop Boys

    Like i said on the Kendrick thread.....absolutely bossing it!! Best thing I've seen this weekend
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    Soccer Aid

    I do enjoy watching. Ex-pros always take it so seriously and there's always a decent little gem within the celebrities playing. Mark Wright, Martin Compston and Damian Lewis have always been decent....all raving about Noah Beck (Tik Tok apparently) this year
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    Boris in Stockton

    Mate of mine just sent me a picture of him in the town centre
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    Derry girls

    That was an epic last ever episode....gutted there's no more!
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    Kammy leaving Sky Sports

    Just been announced by Jeff. Funny, funny man with a fabulous knowledge of football and also a local lad. I'm guessing this will be because of his recent announcement on his health issues
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    Tonights Gazza documentary

    Really interesting watch. Such a brilliant footballer. I know he made some bad decisions but I'm not surprised in some instances when the people who were supposed to be looking after him were just using him as a money cow.
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    Cracking picture of Ayresome park

    This site has started popping up on my feed as recommended to join, had some brilliant pictures of Ayresome Park the last few days but I found this one a bit special.
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    Covid finally got me

    After 2 years of working in retail, and then becoming a receptionist at a vets I've caught the lurgy!!! Bit snotty with a sore throat this morning....getting a bit shivery now though. Plenty of lucozade and paracetamol in!!
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    Dallas or Dynasty

    The Ewing gang for me
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    Absolute respect to Notts Forest

    Blocked off 97 seats for todays game 👏👏👏
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    Proud tonight

    All levels of the club have been immense this week. From Gibbos reactions during the week and his gesture with todays profits, the team performance today, we played well against the champions of Europe and weren't embarrassed at all and the fans at the game today who created an amazing...
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    Question regarding chelsea travelling expenses

    Forgive my ignorance, but how can they claim they can't afford to come up Saturday but are currently staying overnight at a hotel abroad before they play tomorrow?? Are they allowed extra expenses with it being abroad?? Just I thought their limit £20,000 per game.