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    Heating Costs?

    That sounds as though theyre bunged up with sludge, not needing to be bled. It would be the opposite if they needed bleeding.
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    Ronaldo on verge of joining Al-Nassr.

    how could anybody turn down that amount of money? everybody has a price
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    Channel 5 News - special on deprivation in Middlesbrough

    and yet the people of grove hill etc voted for the posh Funny how the tories can convince those that will suffer most from their austere policies to keep voting for them because they promise to cut immigration. i could cry, sometimes.
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    English and Welsh morons fighting in Tenerife.

    Cocaine is the thing. Was a very rare thing when I started boozing in the 90s and bother was very easy to avoid. More coke; more chew.
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    Democrats retain control of senate

    I had a really good friend in the US who wore a t shirt just like that. Its a weird thing because he was so kind and generous. I once asked him if he would give help to me and my family if we needed it and he was so offended just at the question. I then asked why would we be different to an...
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    Trump to return in 2024?

    Biden is clearly affected by old age and it is scary that there doesnt seem many in place to replace him. On the other hand there seem to be dozens of MAGA nob.heads who will take up where trump left off if he cant run himself. I can see Kamala Harris going for it bit is there really a chance...
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    BP Announces Third Quarter Profits of 8 Billion Dollars

    But nothing will EVER change. The profit levels have ALWAYS been obscene and offensive. Neo-liberalism started in this country by that old, stinking, tory fu.king allows this profit to happen without any human consideration. He we are: amidst a global energy crisis, including a war, and...
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    Anybody on here being treated for adult ADHD?

    What guys are you referring to?
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    Anybody on here being treated for adult ADHD?

    I have pretty much given up on the NHS for mental health support as it barely exists and have been going private to therapists and shrinks for years. I just get the meds on prescription usually.
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    Anybody on here being treated for adult ADHD?

    I have been reading/watching a lot of things about ADHD and how it is often never diagnosed. The black dog is knocking about a lot for me recently and I notice that depression and anxiety are often symptoms of untreated ADHD. Any posters care to share their experiences, one way or the other?
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    Absolutely sick of this group of players

    We have been relying far too heavily on dross loans from the prem to paper over the cracks. I am really sick of these loans that do nothing for the squad and give a false sense of security during the transfer windows. how many do we get that 'need a few games to settle in' when in actual fact...
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    Spare a thought for the travelling Boro fans ...

    So long as the beer is flowing half of them wont even realise :D
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    HMRC what a shít show

    Ambulances, police, doctors appointments, A&E wait times, HMRC tax advisors, a functioning environment agency ....... obvious outcomes of tory cuts. If there was any justice then the likes of the posh cu.nt, truss,mogg, raab etc would have to suffer for 15 hours on the floor in agony waiting for...
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    Man called Carrick

    Where do people find the time to do this? :D
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    The poisoned Tees

    Whatever happens, there is surely enough evidence to pause any further dredging or simply insist that it is removed to land for processing, as somebody else had suggested had been the method in the past with dock dredging.
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    We are England

    it did make me wonder. I live in the midlands and my default BBC one region was showing an episode about rape seed farming. I was hoping this program would get national exposure so it is very disappointing. Was it the episode shown on BBC One HD?
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    Hayden Hackney

    What a moment and night for the lad: scoring for the Boro. We all still can only dream about it and he has done it. Quality goal, 'n all.
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    The official unofficial unofficial Boro v Wigan Match Thread

    Leo almost had me in tears when he went to the Boro fans! 'Four. Four. It was for you'
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    The official unofficial unofficial Boro v Wigan Match Thread

    their whatmough had a mare tonight - but good for us
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    The official unofficial unofficial Boro v Wigan Match Thread

    Just enjoy this - no need to analyse wigan etc..... its a great result and we really, really needed it 😅 I have just heard the fans singing for Leo! This is a great result for him, too