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    Are we on red button.

    Anyone else having trouble with Virgin. Says channel unavailable after pressing red button on Sky Sports Football
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    Third kit today?

    Looks like white ICI kit
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    Clarke Harris at Peterborough.

    To be honest I don’t watch any Peterborough games and can only base it off watching him in real life. Purely based on that, he looked garbage. Could be proved wrong but his record in his overall career doesn’t look amazing. Could be a late bloomer like Ricky Lambert though.
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    Clarke Harris at Peterborough.

    He was brought up on here recentky. May have been you? Judging on the game last season where we beat them 4-0, he looked like a pub player. How old is he?
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    8 substitutions 2nd half

    He blew the whistle on 93:50 as well!
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    Streaming the match in Spain?

    Thanks everyone! I actually have Virgin, so will try and sign in and see what happens. Please could anyone recommend a VPN...ideally free! Thanks
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    Muniz Chant

    Heeeeeeee’s Brazilian….
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    Streaming the match in Spain?

    Wondering if anyone knows if you can login into Sky on your laptop or phone for the match while abroad?? Thanks and UTB
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    My 1st Boro v Sunderland game

    Mine 1994/95. 2-2 on a Sunday. We were 2-0 down at half time and I think Nigel Pearson and Alan Moore scored 2 late on. Crowd was bouncing. UTB
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    George Camsell Statue Unveiling - Friday 2nd Sept

    Looks much better! Great to see Camsell being recognised. Well done to all involved!
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    I stand corrected. Thought he was right back at Charlton
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    Djiksteel in midfield?? I don't think he's ever played there in his career?
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    Songs that never came over from Ayresome Park to the Riverside

    She fell over! She fell over
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    Third kit?

    That would be class! But could mean more clashes and we’d need to wear our training top like Newcastle!
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    Third kit?

    Rumour is Errea have confirmed we will have a third kit this season
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    This is a disgrace! Steve Gibson will be on the case, no doubt!
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    Showed their striker on to his stronger side for the dodgy parry from Steffan. Generally had a better game but still not convinced by him.
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    Third kit?

    Maybe we’d need to change our dark blue shorts and socks for likes of Sheff United and Sunderland away
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    Third kit?

    I guess if we played Crystal Palace, could potentially clash.