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  1. Fattyfoggon

    Play offs still on?

    Had a few beers now but looking good again, confidence is back reckon play offs is on again, with Chuba leading the line with Forss and the rest of team much tighter at the back and midfield :)
  2. Fattyfoggon


    Having a cracking game defending and going forward what difference some confidence makes
  3. Fattyfoggon


    What was your boy Hannibal like for them for a while thought we might sign him ?
  4. Fattyfoggon

    Chrissy Wilder says

    Has there been any response from Chris Wilder yet about the sacking would love to hear his take on it ? Hopefully, he will be able to speak out and not constrained by any pay off he is given
  5. Fattyfoggon

    Charlie Wyke

    Nice wee interview with Charlie Wyke and his come back after having a heart attack. Brilliant what they can do medically these days Charlie
  6. Fattyfoggon

    Chelsea tickets available now

    Just announced 3000 Chelsea tickets available for home fans :) it just gets better
  7. Fattyfoggon

    Have we ever had a good Jan Transfer window

    Hate the January transfer window, certainly in recent years feels like we are doing okay up to then, get players in Jan to try and improve the team further, but just seems to upset a winning formula it was similar last year with Warnock and even Woodgate to an extent had our best run then got...
  8. Fattyfoggon

    Watmore has to start

    Think Watmore's cameo appearance last night proved we are a much better team, when he starts adds energy to the attack and we look much more dangerous. Hopefully he starts against QPR !
  9. Fattyfoggon

    When has that happened before amazing

    FFS concede an equaliser in injury time, but then go on to get the winner, brilliant, this does not happen to the Boro long live the Wilder revolution 🙂
  10. Fattyfoggon

    Bristol Away

    Thinking of booking some flights from Ireland for the Bristol game just wondering if the away end sells out typically and how easy it would be to get tickets ? The other issue is will it be a get moved for TV I think they don't announce the TV games until 4th Jan but what are the chances of it...
  11. Fattyfoggon

    World cup play offs

    Scotland and Wales could meet in the final play off, also either Portugal or Italy will miss out as there in the same draw ::D play offs
  12. Fattyfoggon


    Fair play to him has had a great game and Peltier edit missed Diego's thread
  13. Fattyfoggon

    Tenet wtf

    Just watch Tenet quite enjoyed it but I have not got a clue what actually happened, time travel films really melt your head!
  14. Fattyfoggon

    Is Woodgate available?

    just wondering :rolleyes:
  15. Fattyfoggon

    Scary Experience

    Scary experience, driving home last night we were crossing a bridge over the dual carriage way and noticed a girl (20 ish) climbing over the railings, she looked either drunk or on drugs, we thought wtf what's going on so turned back and by this time she walked along the edge of bridge and was...
  16. Fattyfoggon

    Adding lump sums to pension

    Just wondered if any one has added a lump sum to their work pension I have been in touch with a couple if financial advisors and they have suggested that would probably be the best way of investing some savings I have as I would receive tax relief from the government and that I could go back 3...
  17. Fattyfoggon

    Have we ever gazumped anyone?

    Seems to be a thing with the Boro getting gazumped in transfers recently, just trying to remember from memory when we have done the gazumping. I am sure we have just cannot remember when ?
  18. Fattyfoggon

    Cycling and Wasps

    Just wondering what the cyclists do on here to stop Wasps flying into your cycle helmet and stinging. Happened to me yesterday, fck me it was sore, cars behind must of thought I was going mad as I pulled the helmet off and through it to the ground whilst cycling, being bald probably did not...
  19. Fattyfoggon

    Most Devastating Defeats

    Tough for England tonight but thinking about toughest defeats all were in the quarter finals of the F.A. cup. Boro vrs Orient should of beat them in both games. Wolves, again we should of beat them in the home game and the replay Finally Birmingham battered them twice in the league only to lose...
  20. Fattyfoggon

    Gary Neville what a guy

    Just had a brilliant dig against Johnson and co. something about terrible leaders in this country the last year or two , but Sterling was a proper leader tonight , paraphrasing btw ..