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    Gareth Southgate

    He wasn't as bad as some people think. He was thrown in at the deep end hadn't even done all his coaching badges nor had the chance to work as someone's assistant and get some experience. It was a very tough ask. He was better than the GS who replaced him that's for sure.
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    The best ever football player in the world?

    Well first thing you can't make the judgement on trophies won. Good as one player may be he can't do it all on his own so it depends on the team he is in. It should be primarily judged on footballing skills and ability. Otherwise Steve Bruce for example ( 3 Premier Leagues, 3 FA Cups a League...
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    Germany could go out today

    Saves Germany, even if they lose tonight
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    Paige Spiranac.

    She's one good looking woman. She's also a good golfer but not quite good enough to compete at the top end of the Women's game. She could probably scrape a moderate living on tour or , as she is doing, make an absolute fortune from her good looks. Can't blame her for that, good luck to her. I...
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    Matt Crooks has already had his op

    There was a post on here a while back that he had the Op in Germany but then it was later said that he hadn't had it yet. Obviously the initial story was correct.
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    What do we need in January?

    January is normally a difficult window to get what you want or think you might need. Not a time for making wholesale changes and I don't think we need to. We are playing well now so don't want to upset the apple cart by making too many changes. Only a couple in unless we release more than that...
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    Hayden Hackney is going to be a huge star ***

    The biggest compliment you could probably say right now is that we aren't missing Tav anymore.
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    Carrick now has a month to work with the players before the next game….

    He already said in his last Press Conference that the players would have a week off.
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    Play offs a real possibility

    They sure are.
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    Play offs still on?

    Off course the Play Offs are still on, there's 25 games still to go. Of the teams above us only the top 3 and Coventry have more points than us from the last 5 games (i.e. the start of the Michael Carrick Era). QPR, Swansea, Reading and Luton are in a poor run especially QPR. So there are only...
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    Michael Carrick

    It is early days but looks like we've finally got a proper manager. Two points per game average and unlucky not to be more.
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    Covid booster, 4th jab, yes or no?

    Not for me thank you.
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    Given our up turn in players will our priorities now change in jan

    Yes Howson might not be able to keep up the 2 games a week schedule so maybe we need cover for him but you will struggle to get one let alone two players better than him at this level unless you are going to pay mega bucks. He has been superb recently.
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    Carrick & Woodgate

    Makes you wonder if we actually need anyone else to join the coaching staff.
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    Chuba Akpom

    It's not just the goals though, it's his hold up play and his ability to turn defenders and get free as well. He's such an important cog in our attacking machine. He keeps us moving and rarely loses possession.
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    FAO Yusuf!

    That's a birthday present sorted!
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    Chuba has the best GPG ratio in the league!

    Chuba has 2 assists that I can think of - for Jones' goal against West Brom and the third tonight?
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    Let’s look at the positives from yesterday

    There's been far too much negativity and over reaction on here since yesterday's match. It's his first game in charge FFS. I thought we played quite well for the most part. Passed the ball around well at a good tempo. Akpom had a great game. Yes we let ourselves down AGAIN with some poor...
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    I wonder how other championship sides feel about carrick

    I expect to see improvement in all those areas now. Don't think the squad is actually that bad, just needs someone to get them playing as a team. Hopefully that will be MC.
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    Preston Pre Match Press Conference

    I have to say I'm impressed with the way he handles the press. Comes across as calm, intelligent and with a sense of humour. No umming and ahhing or struggling to find the right words just very fluent. I know that this means little with regard to what happens on the pitch but if he can...