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    Anybody on here being treated for adult ADHD?

    I have been reading/watching a lot of things about ADHD and how it is often never diagnosed. The black dog is knocking about a lot for me recently and I notice that depression and anxiety are often symptoms of untreated ADHD. Any posters care to share their experiences, one way or the other?
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    Recommend a Spa hotel for me and our lass, please

    There's the obvious Rockcliffe - we will if theres nowt better but we didnt have a good experience when we went a few years ago - the place was rammed with chavvy mackems and made it quite stressful. Any recommendations for a single night stay at a Spa hotel for me and the wife? We're looking...
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    NHS in serious trouble

    The tweet above is very scary. I keep hearing from those working in the NHS just how bad things are getting. I have read the stories about ambulances waiting outside hospitals for HOURS because there isnt capacity and/or staff to admit them. I am so deeply ashamed of what countless governments...
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    Any Car audio experts on here?

    I have a factory fitted stereo in my Outlander which is absolutely I want to swap it out for an android auto stereo but I would like to make sure I keep the DAB aerial, steering wheel controls, reversing camera etc. I know Connects2 do what is needed but has anybody gotmuch experience...
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    Millionaire Boris Johnson: ' We can't spend our way out of trouble' Yeh, he will be slumming it, I'm totally sure. Him, Gums and their spawn will be doing without - of course they will. No doubt that they will be using a food bank or missing meals so that their inbred kids can eat turkey swizzles. Of course they...
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    Bikes on roads with Cars at 70MPH should be banned

    The Gazette is full of another story where some poor lad on his bike dies after being hit by a car on the A689. As is usually the case, this lad hadn't done a single thing wrong - helmet, hi viz clothing, using the road correctly, flashing lights - but that will not be any consolation to his...
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    What are these horrible flies all of a sudden?

    We live in the midlands. Today, there are 1000s of black flies. They are only little with a long body and a black spot on each wing. I took the the dogs out near the river and ended up spitting a few out 🤢 Any ideas what these annoying effing things are, so that I can namedrop them with the...
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    This spiking trend

    What a disgusting indictment of modern society: people unable to go for a drink for fear of some poisoning them so that they can be sexually assaulted. These people are predators but proving what they've done must be almost impossible. Someone in the welly has been arrested on Saturday...
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    Villa sack Smith

    Busy weekend for the managers
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    I would advise Norwich to get Warnock, now

    I really think that he could go to Norwich and get things going for them. He could keep them up and have the dream end to a career. Its impossible not to warm to the fella and I hope he is happy, whatever happens. Whatever people say, its the first time in years that we had a team who wanted to...
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    Gazette story today jeeeeeeesssssssssuuuuuuuuuuusssssssss !!!
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    Donald Rumsfeld dead

    War mongering, right wing millionaire dies aged 88.
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    'Real men don't wear masks'.......FFS I am lost for words. The ignorance & stupidity. Facebook is a serious risk to our species.
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    Come on Man City!

    I despise Chelsea. I really hate them. I think it is because of the cowardly behaviour of their t0sspot fans I have witnessed (more than just a couple of times). i would love City to put 10 past them. I really hate Chelsea.
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    Another poor kid dies after taking Ecstacy

    I have read the article in the gazette about another kids dying after taking E . There were also those poor kids in Manchester who died after taking pills form the same dealer. The war on drugs failed so miserably and was always going to. We need another way. When you were a teenager, how much...
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    Gibson keeps the club alive

    Everyone is upset; of course, none of us are enjoying the way things are. I am still struggling with those who think Gibbo should move over and let somebody else in. Yes, an unfashionable club in a declining area running at £1m/month loss; who wouldn't want a bit of that? They will be a queue...