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  1. Rock Osborne

    Boro vs Luton 10th December

    Will mcgree miss this even if they get knocked out
  2. Rock Osborne

    Jack Grealish does a dance for his fan

    We met him while having lunch at the club house at Rockcliffe when england were training there. He made a point of having photo taken with my 13 yr old lad, despite security and covid regs. Only 2 minutes but struck me as a nice lad. Had a bit if crack with him about our ay off defeat to...
  3. Rock Osborne

    Most famous person you've met....

    Bradley Cooper, back of theatre Royal before elephant man play. Only me, him and the Mrs and a driver laughing at Mrs reaction. Rod Stewart, sat next to him in said theatre and walked out with him chatting about football. Both seemed really decent fellas
  4. Rock Osborne

    Chuba Goal Reaction

    3 stupid p!@#£d lads behind me booing, not sure they knew why they even did, young black lad in front of me didn't react, bit ashamed I didn't say anything, but where would it have got me. Are they just thick and join in or are they racists?, as they fist pump said young black lad when...
  5. Rock Osborne

    Blackpool parking

    Yeah, getting out of that car park along seasiders way can be bad, that's why I'm wondering about other parking
  6. Rock Osborne

    Blackpool parking

    Last few times I've been, made a day of it ,pleasure Beach, lights etc. Parked in the big car park opposite ground. Won't be there early this Tuesday, wondering any tips on free parking, cheaper parking etc
  7. Rock Osborne

    Caller from Boro on LBC claims asylum seekers get given free cars

    I listened to this and it was very sad to hear, people who have nothing, blaming people who have nothing, fir stuff neither can have
  8. Rock Osborne

    Bargain Basement Boro XI

    Pears Fleming Pearson Cooper laws Hendrie falconer peake hignett Fuchs slaven
  9. Rock Osborne

    Boro's best 5 aside team

    Schwarzer Festa Ince emmo Junihno sub Hignett Barmby
  10. Rock Osborne

    We're not pressing teams like we were

    Was saying this to my son on Saturday night, we don't seem to be able to pressure teams as we did and teams push right up on us when gk has ball not letting us play out
  11. Rock Osborne

    Brighton v Palace

    Got me thinking about when I took my daughter to London few weeks back. There was a strike on mainline rail, but tube running fine. Absolutely astounding what transport facilities are in London, New tube a n rail lines opening, price caps etc, really is a 2 tier society. Talking to a bloke...
  12. Rock Osborne

    Brighton v Palace

    Looking like will be postponed due to rail strike. I like to think I'm a normal fair minded bloke. But how can this be OK, not saying it shouldn't be, but where is the line drawn?
  13. Rock Osborne

    Blackpool roll call

    Myself and young rock +2 of his mates. There and back same day
  14. Rock Osborne


    Walking the dog this evening on Hartburn 3 apache gunships fly over, shortly before an airbus cargo plane. Quite a sight. Why do they seem to be using teesside Airport more often and not local air bases?
  15. Rock Osborne

    Loud aircraft over our house.

    Shortly to be joined by these fellas?
  16. Rock Osborne

    Whitby Town

    Train from Middlesbrough, returning by bus from whitby
  17. Rock Osborne

    Whitby Town

    Quick question, mainly from my 16 year old. Is this match still going ahead as it seems to have disappeared from fixtures. He is due to get train with his mate's, so any help appreciated
  18. Rock Osborne

    Top Gun: Maverick

    I seem to be one of the few my age(49) who didn't like the 1st TG, have to admit quite enjoyed new one, old fashioned action flick