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  1. J

    Sky Glass v Sk Q

    Has anyone made the switch from Q to Glass and can give any positives or negatives? I’m potentially looking to make the switch from Virgin due to the usual ridiculous hike in subscription cost and wondering which is the lesser of two evils. I wouldn’t be looking to get the Glass TV, just the...
  2. J

    Small Patio Gas Bottles in Stock Anywhere?

    Need a replacement for mine. Anyone know of anywhere in the stockton area that have them in stock?
  3. J

    Is the bar open outside the ground tonight?

    The one opposite the ayresome gates?
  4. J

    Recommendations for a Dog Walk Followed by Food

    As the title suggests I'm looking to go somewhere next week that will involve taking the dog for a walk and then calling into a (dog friendly) pub or somewhere for some lunch, preferably within 25 miles of Teesside. Any recommendations?
  5. J

    Anyone got BT TV?

    Thinking of switching from Virgin and never had BT before. Am I correct in thinking that if I take out a basic TV package I can add and remove a monthly NOW TV sky sports package as and when I want?
  6. J

    Learning to play the guitar

    Any tips for good Youtube channels or apps etc?
  7. J

    Big Game For Derby Tonight

    I know its early doors still but five losses already and an away match against their arch rivals who may have 'the new manager bounce'. Cocu appears to be taking them backwards at an alarming rate of knots. I'm surprised they haven't made more of the Lampard / Chelsea connection with loans.
  8. J

    Neil Warnock Post Match Presser

    I’ll be honest I didn’t want Warnock at all and thought it was a short term appointment that would set us back. How wrong was I? I love listening to his press conferences and the honesty he gives. No sound bites just a man chatting like a fan in the pub. I like how he was not afraid to drop the...
  9. J

    Gary O'Neil

    Just been appointed assistant head coach of Liverpool U23's. Best known at Boro for once holding the course record around Rockliffe?
  10. J

    Options for extending WiFi network

    Can anyone recommend some WiFi extenders that they have had success with throughout the home? I'm currently using a Virgin 3.0 hub with the Virgin provided WiFi boosters but I'm limited to just the two and if possible I would like to add more to extend the signal further. Alternatively would I...