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  1. redjohnnie

    Nobby's Notebook - Birmingham City 📖✍️🦁

    #18 was a bit of a diver and went down for nothing. At least on a couple of occassions.
  2. redjohnnie

    Pitch Invaders

    What good would that do? Stairs and walkways would still be unobstructed. The scrotes could still get access to the pitch.
  3. redjohnnie


    No. No manager leaves here without being slated. Leo should always be held in high regards here. His passion for us is incredible. Would hate to see it all being tarnished. He'll be due a testimonial soon, nearly 10 years at the club :)
  4. redjohnnie

    21 years ago today

    Home on leave and watched it all happen throughout the day :cry:
  5. redjohnnie

    King Charles throughout the years

    Charles III, pee'd off with ink wells. Off with his head whoever placed them on the table
  6. redjohnnie

    Tony Mowbray

    Good luck to him if he does get the job.
  7. redjohnnie

    How we all feeling about todays game

    First visit of the season for me today. Hopefully I'm the lucky omen ;) (y) 🤞🙏 Feeling fairly optimistic.
  8. redjohnnie

    Hiya, do you still have that Top Cashback referral link available? Thanks. John

    Hiya, do you still have that Top Cashback referral link available? Thanks. John
  9. redjohnnie

    Spike RIP- tribute March of the pleasantly moonheaded.

    Sir Patrick Stewart, baldly going where no one has gone before (or lately, flying down the wing)
  10. redjohnnie

    Event Tickets - Spurious Charges

    Ive had one company try to charge me £1 to print my own ticket at home!!!
  11. redjohnnie

    Full backs are the problem

    Totally agree. A back 4 would be better. Jones & Giles can't do it all.
  12. redjohnnie

    Tav transfer completed

    Good luck Tav
  13. redjohnnie

    Approach made to Fulham for........

    just saw it, as you said. think it said they wanted a replacement in place before letting him go.
  14. redjohnnie

    Approach made to Fulham for........

    saw the scrolling banner a few minutes ago. haven't seen anything else mentioned.
  15. redjohnnie

    Approach made to Fulham for........

    Muniz on loan, say Sky Sports
  16. redjohnnie

    We've accepted a bid of £12m for Tav

    Good luck to the lad (y)
  17. redjohnnie

    Walk Out Jackets

    this man done a good job collecting them :cool:
  18. redjohnnie

    Forest offer £10m for Tav
  19. redjohnnie

    Kubix 2022

    Got a weekend ticket and bus travel from Boro but can't go now. Available if anyone wants it £25
  20. redjohnnie

    Gibbo on this savoy thing on ITV

    I noticed that too. Our lass didn't care less :( and wouldn't let me rewind it :cool: