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  1. Capybara

    Millwall Trains

    Indeed. Fourpure is near the ground, by the way, but I wouldn't go there as it was where Johnson and Sunak went for a photo opportunity back in 2020.
  2. Capybara

    Millwall Trains

    It's a hell of a long way to escort several hundred fans. There's a couple of breweries on the way to Bermondsey, by the way.
  3. Capybara

    Millwall Trains

    If the police escort everyone to Bermondsey then I'd expect it to take longer than 20 minutes. But you can do Bermondsey to King's Cross quite quickly. A few minutes to London Bridge then about 20 minutes from there on the Northern Line assuming no delays.
  4. Capybara

    Leo Press Conference Tomorrow

    John Pickering.
  5. Capybara

    Millwall Trains

    No. It's a pubic footpath that takes you beyond the exit of the station out on to the road.
  6. Capybara

    Millwall Trains

    I don't see why not. It's the 'best' way of keeping the fans apart, and it's a public footpath anyway.
  7. Capybara

    First time tonight in Middlesbrough F.C. history.

    Lee Miiler! No! We will not let him go ....
  8. Capybara

    For every minute she talks there's 2 minutes clapping

    Congratulations to those who managed to sit through it. I had to turn it off after two minutes.
  9. Capybara

    Reason why Gary O'Neil should not be considered...

    fao @mickbrown
  10. Capybara

    U-Turn incoming - 45% tax

    Indeed. Dead cat alert.
  11. Capybara

    Farage visa issues

    That we get to keep him?
  12. Capybara


    Same with every player we sign. First he's a 'great signing'. Then he 'looks like just what we need' and then a few weeks later he's 'shocking', 'dreadful' or 'awful'. If I could be bothered and/or had the time I'd look back at and quote what was being said on here when he signed but I can't be...
  13. Capybara

    The moon under water

    And mild.
  14. Capybara

    The Friday drink and music thread!

    I have a bottle of Gulden Draak which I must get round to drinking. But not tonight. I'll see what is available as I'm going down the pub, which I'll also interpret literally:
  15. Capybara

    This England tonight on sky

    Indeed. Hate this sort of thing. By all means do a documentary based on facts but something like this will contain loads of stuff that's 'imagined' or 'adapted' ie made up and people who watched it will be quoting it as fact in years to come.
  16. Capybara

    Truss is Tanking

    Yes it has. People were bored with hearing about it. They don't hear about it any more so it has been resolved in their view.
  17. Capybara

    The moon under water

    You need to be able to buy a sweaty cheddar and onion roll, kept behind the bar on a tray with a perspex cover with a handle on the top.
  18. Capybara

    Your Iconic Footballer as a lad?....

  19. Capybara

    Your Iconic Footballer as a lad?....

    Played for Lecester. Amazed he played for England, though, and I remember watching that game live on the telly.
  20. Capybara

    Where is Liz Truss?

    Theresa May was there from UK.