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  1. UTB70

    Leo in charge for Millwall

    Why cant having leo as the figure head coach backed by a trio of coaches on the bench work? Could have a defensive coach, a midfield coach and attacking coach all advising him and changing tactics or subs during the game. The players seem to respect him
  2. UTB70

    Pitch Invaders

    Wouldnt surprise me if they brum fans in the home end. Came on after we thought we had scored.
  3. UTB70

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Birmingham City Match-Day Thread *

    Hard working win , not pretty but who cares. Thought we were less cavalier than wilder. Less of sweeper keeper, Overlapping centre backs were absent. We took less chances of being caught on the break. Defenders defended as theyre supposed to do and let midfield and fowards do the attacking.
  4. UTB70

    Team for tonight...

    What it say about luongo if hackney in before him. He must be well unfit ir another dud signed.
  5. UTB70

    Get Robins

    Robins is safe bet if you want to stay mid table. Bit like nigel clough plays good football but never really achieve anything. We are after promorion remember.
  6. UTB70

    Serina wiegman

    She is good enough but think some chauvinist players would just laugh at her.
  7. UTB70

    Leo speaks

    Class fella...hope he enjoys a great boro win tomorrow
  8. UTB70

    The fans didn’t sack him, Gibson did

    Usiallyy it takes the away fans fighting amongst themselves about the manager. Didnt hear any such thing ay coventry. I still maintain it was wilder being disloyal to the club.
  9. UTB70

    Nobody has mentioned Rooney?

    JFH not mentioned either.
  10. UTB70

    Middlesbrough FC new manager odds

    I think we need a 'intelligent' manager who studies the game and knows tactics. Wilder an and warmock were just your british up and at em type. Not sure on edwards he probs equivalent of appointing hignett.
  11. UTB70

    IMAGINE: Marcelo Bielsa

    No chance . He would demand money to spend
  12. UTB70


    If leo wins next 2 or 3 i can see gibbo goi g for the easy, cheap sentimental option. Just like woody or southgate.
  13. UTB70

    Player Manager - James Milner

    Hes so dull personality wise. Doubt he could motivate the players
  14. UTB70

    Who would you replace Wilder with?

    The ex huddersfield boss would knock us into shape like karanka did. We would be hard to beat again
  15. UTB70


    Thought it was a long term project? I would have persisted another few gamrs. Can only presume rumours he was looking at other clubs were true....thats the disgrace if true
  16. UTB70

    My top 3 manager preferences

    That corboran fella for me. Ex huddersfield manager
  17. UTB70

    Bausor and Scott Out

    New manager more like...his record gets worse and hasnt got any answers to change it
  18. UTB70

    So how we feeling about todays game

    1-1 today. A dissapointing result and performance i reckon to continie the trend of late
  19. UTB70

    Wilder Rumours

    Might explain why the club hasnt let wilder spunk all the cash on players. Knowing he flirting with other clubs
  20. UTB70

    Wilder. I’m very sceptical.

    His terrible win record alone e in last 20+ is rrason enough to be sceptical