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  1. 1finny

    The French taking some action ref Qatar world cup

    Most major cities including Paris (PSG owned by Qatar) will not have the World Cup played live for the public. Means no fan zones etc. They say it is in response to public opinion (Pierre??) A small gesture but at least it is something Cantona saying he won’t be watching any game at all (much...
  2. 1finny

    At last - a way forward for the Energy Crisis

    From a surprising source - the new Chairman of the Tory Party. ’Either, reduce your usage or get a higher paid job’ I knew I was missing something
  3. 1finny

    12 string guitars

    Been watching some old music recently and they used to crop up a fair bit. Even to the point Genesis had A 12 string and bass guitar all in one. Don‘t recall them playing a part in bands over the last 30 years or so?
  4. 1finny

    Have you ever cheated at anything?

    How far would you go
  5. 1finny

    Latest episode of Gone Fishing

    Quite possibly the best ever The tasting of the whisky had me in stitches
  6. 1finny

    Women’s Cricket

    My mates daughter is currently playing in a mens cricket team in Sheffield - she does a brilliant job in this short documentary discussing some of the challenges they face in a mans world. Some really positives with coaches saying they are more prepared to listen and learn (the boys just want...
  7. 1finny

    Bloody Hell - Ants are amazing

  8. 1finny

    Can Anyone Help Ash find Stuart?

    Be nice to support the fella
  9. 1finny

    The Naked Man coming out the window of Buck House

    All looks a bit odd - is it fake?
  10. 1finny

    Cathedral City Plant Based Cheese

    Decided to give it a go It is seriously good - a game changer
  11. 1finny

    New Zealand Rugby

    Seem to have turned a corner albeit tonight’s victory was a little controversial. One year to go - France still favourites with Ireland.
  12. 1finny

    Finally a Brexit Benefit

    Reported today that our new chancellor is going to remove some EU red tape. The one that puts a cap on bankers earning twice their salary as a bonus. They will be free to get the bonuses their hard work and effort deserves.
  13. 1finny

    If you think the last couple of days have been controversial - brushing your teeth?

    Twice a day? but, pre or post breakfast ……. Always thought is was a bit daft to brush your teeth before brekka but, from an early age had it drummed into me.
  14. 1finny

    Truss’s inner Circle

    Every single one punchable
  15. 1finny

    Prima Facie - Jodie Comer

    Just Wow An astonishing performance from JC full of passion and emotion - it is a one woman show. A brilliant expose of how sexual abuse victims are undermined by our justice system (written by a barrister) It’s a heart wrenching watch I left physically shaking with anger and sadness Its a...
  16. 1finny

    Kuala Lumpur

    I’ve got a couple of days in KL en route to a Malaysian Island this week. Prefer ‘traditional’ culture to the likes of Petronas but, as a first timer, am open minded. It would be good to hear about other people’s experiences. Thanks.
  17. 1finny

    Salman Rushdie attacked

    Either punched or stabbed whilst on stage in New Yoirk Sounds nasty Hope he pulls through
  18. 1finny

    Pally and Mogga back together on a Saturday

    Drinking coffee in Yarm on a Saturday morning I found that a lovely sight.
  19. 1finny

    Wine Bar - Yarm

    Stayed near Yarm last night and walked into the high street. lovely pint of Wainwrights in The Bay then stumbled on Fourteen Drops - a smashing little wine bar which was new to us. lovely team running it and a cracking selection of wines to choose from oh - and if you order the chips in...