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  1. Archiestephens_elbow

    'Officially Middlesbrough's worst start outside of the top flight'

    worse than the 82 83 team the team that lost first 3 home games at least 4-1 and also lost 5 1 at home to blackburn and struggled to beat bishops stortford in the fa cup Bloody hell
  2. Archiestephens_elbow

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Coventry City Match - Day Thread *

    Scott parker spotted having a sauna in billingham forum
  3. Archiestephens_elbow

    Fires Burning Brightly in Chris Wilder

    Sooner he fuks off the better
  4. Archiestephens_elbow

    Simon Clarke “Britain has lived in a fools paradise for too long, and must now reduce spending”

    What a prik. If you voted for him, I hope you are pleased with your self
  5. Archiestephens_elbow

    This England tonight on sky

    Should have waited until his head is on a stick in the tower of London
  6. Archiestephens_elbow


    No fukin chance
  7. Archiestephens_elbow

    Wilder Rumours

    I heard Leo and him argued
  8. Archiestephens_elbow

    When will the riots start?

    Can't be far away now
  9. Archiestephens_elbow

    Who would your Wilder replacement be?

    Give it to Kieran Scott
  10. Archiestephens_elbow

    Where is Liz Truss?

    They could not Risk sending de fefel...he probably would have tried it on with the widow
  11. Archiestephens_elbow

    Wilder Rumours

    Lose badly on Saturday and he can fro for me like
  12. Archiestephens_elbow

    Wilder Rumours

    When Coventry win 3 0 on Saturday he will be off on Monday
  13. Archiestephens_elbow

    Crystal ball time: next Boro manager?

    He's already in a job at monchengladbak
  14. Archiestephens_elbow

    Wilder Rumours

    Karanka was better than wilder
  15. Archiestephens_elbow

    Duke of Norfolk

    Tory twa t
  16. Archiestephens_elbow


    Is it still 54 needed?
  17. Archiestephens_elbow

    Wilder Rumours

    Has he gone yet
  18. Archiestephens_elbow

    Wilder Rumours

    Who's going first wilder or truss