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  1. Willow


    Best thing about his post match interview was that they had to bleep it in first ten seconds lol.
  2. Willow


    The main factors in wether he should get the job are firstly if he wants it and secondly if the the club want to give him it. While I get the sentiment, he has the right to progress his career if he wants to, and if he wants to become a head coach then I would rather he did it with us than have...
  3. Willow

    Leo in charge for Millwall

    Leo's hobbies, keeping the ball and hurting people.
  4. Willow


    Doesn't matter how much passion you have, if you don't express it then others won't see it and react to it. Not to say either way is right or wrong but not many are open enough emotionally to be so expressive of there feelings and it generates a reaction. Additionally in Leo's case it isn't...
  5. Willow

    How good was that

    I enjoyed game. Wasn't free flowing but showed character. They aren't prime Barca of course and will make mistakes but difference was tonight they didn't look terrified of making mistakes. Too many times this season they have decended into a panic when under the cosh but that never happened...
  6. Willow

    Team for tonight...

    Bigger the risk, bigger the reward. Which seems to be our new recruitment philosophy so why not apply it to the coach as well.
  7. Willow

    Be interesting what happens to hoppe now

    I wonder if Boyd Munce was viewed the same by Wilder. Just disappeared after we signed him. It's was more obvious with Hoppe, Forss.
  8. Willow

    First time tonight in Middlesbrough F.C. history.

  9. Willow

    Wilder sacked
  10. Willow


    FLW prediction. Finger on the pulse there...
  11. Willow

    Wilder sacked

    Stand out quote... can't say we weren't warned. "I am OK with Chris taking all the credit when we win but at least take some responsibility when we lose. Don't, under the pressure of some losses, say 'everything around me is rubbish'."
  12. Willow

    Strange comment on the Gazette site.

    Can't remember where it was but I did see a comment about wilder/Leo aggro a few days ago. Did t really pay it much attention tbh cos there wasn't any more detail so assumed it was bs.
  13. Willow

    Leo speaks

    Roaring Lion?
  14. Willow

    Leo speaks

    Well tbf Wilder was famous for his tactics until he disappeared up his own jacksie.
  15. Willow

    Leo speaks

    Passion alone won't carry you over a full season without the tactical nous to back it up, but it can give you a short term lift which might be all we need right now. And who's to say he doesn't have the tactics, one things for sure Brum won't have any idea what to expect tomorrow night.
  16. Willow


    Can't see Leo changing formation much for one match given that the club are reportedly looking for a head coach to continue Wilders blueprint. It would be carnage trying to rip everything up in 24hours. The 3412 that Edward's uses might be feasible as I assume that's just like how we set up...
  17. Willow

    Leo speaks

    First time I've ever really listened to Leo speak. Sounds like some Hollywood Russian mob boss. Players better watch themselves if they don't keep him sweet.
  18. Willow

    Wilder sacked

    If watmore had been able to put the ball in the net from 6 yards Wilder would probably still in a job...
  19. Willow

    Is it possible you were a little hasty in sacking Wilder?

    Don't thinks so, as its seems to be about more than results on the pitch, as bad as they have been. Loss of trust between Wilder/Gibson and Wilder and players made his position untenable. Not sure sir Alex ever lost the dressing room in his early days at Utd.
  20. Willow

    Edwards it is folks...

    Well levels are relative of course. Even a half decent champo player can easily be earning 15k a week, a level of earning power that can afford them a lifestyle most can't even imagine. Even some youth players, as boro know well, can have their head turned before they've got anywhere near the...