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    Get Robins

    and ohare in January gibbo
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    fire stickers?

    With boro late what are ya watching this afternoon? Watford Sunderland??
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    Reading v Sunderland

    Really enjoying watching Mowbrays Sunderland. What a second goal
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    Sheff U fans on CW

    Some really interesting stuff Heres one "I think the general sentiment isn’t one necessarily of disrespect, more a nuanced and balanced view with the benefit of hindsight Yes, CW delivered what will probably be the best time in my lifetime as a blade. The above being true isn’t at odds...
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    Fury calls out Joshua

    Cant run now can he
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    What game ya watching

    Obviously its illegal to watch a 3pm game on the firestick. Just wondering which game you would all watch if you were watching one if ya know what i mean (taps nose) I think blackburns second half would be interesting personally
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    Ok enough is enough lets turn the page.

    ok I know the transfer deadline day was disappointing but given our recent history of terrible signings Im glad we didnt panic buy. The reality is it probably wasnt for the lack of trying but if we couldnt get the right players then its better not to get another gestede or fletcher for stupid...
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    Try for Diaz

    BBD from Blackburn contract running out. No offers from Premier League? Go and test them Gibbo
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    Tuchel post match chelsea Southampton

    "Soft Soft goals. Its mentality and we need to be stronger" Unbelievable I think he has a cheek he should be minding his own club not watching our defence against Watford
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    Plenty of positives

    Sickerner at the end and abit naive defending again but... Away to a top team who have players that are premier league and we gave as good as we got and played really well for the most part Giles excellent Muniz great Goal keeper looks good. We will be fine
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    Playing ahead of Billing who I think is a cracking player. Fair play to him. Hope he gets a goal against Liverpool. Most had him down as a bench warmer for them?
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    *** Joshua vs Usyk 2 ***

    So whos winning tonights match up then? Personally I think Joshua will try and over power him from the off which is what he should of done the first time. However I can see Usyk being well prepared for this. Usyk will have the tools and moves to win again for me.
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    Hard to win a coupon these days

    Always like a daft fiver on a 6 fold both teams to score or acca. Difficult to get one in lately shocks all over. Tonight Burnley, Preston, Watford all let me down
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    Never gets mentioned really and scores every week.
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    take a bow son
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    bowler blackpool

    Still cant believe no one has stumped up 3 mill for him. Absolutely sure he could do a job for us as a ten or even left side midfield especially as a option. And before anyone says yes I know where he plays for blackpool but if you watch his energy how good a footballer he is plus he is only...
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    Buy Gyokeres for any price?

    Lets have a poll and revisit this in a few years. I think we should go all out and spend all of the Spence money on this guy. Pretty sure indeedio agrees. So whats everyone else think. Lets watch his career from here. Will he go on to cost mega money and be one that got away?
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    Blunderland v Coventry

    Was hoping to watch O'Hare but alas he is 'injured' smoke without fire? I do hope we have enquired the thought of Burnley improving even more than the other night is worrying. To the game come on Coventry, smash em!
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    Who ya gonna call? Anyone believe in this rubbish?
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    Sunderlands attendance thread

    I looked on Sunderlands board to see if they had any thoughts on Watmore maybe going back to them. Anyway I saw they had an attendance thread vs Coventry of over 74 pages and 1k replies. If as a boro fan crowds were the pinnacle of success id give up honestly. Absolutely crazy that, them and...