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  1. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Mendy Howler

    Allows Leeds to take the lead. Rush of blood to the head. Just whack it away. Don’t try to dribble past a player two yards from your goal line. 2-0 now 😟
  2. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Diane Luckey has died.

    A name your probably not familiar with, but I’m sure you’ve heard her best work. Her stage name was Q Lazzarus and her song Goodbye Horses featured in an iconic scene in the Film The Silence Of The Lambs.
  3. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Judith Durham

    The carnival is finally over
  4. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Cleveland Centre Car Park

    For anyone interested the pay machines are broken so parking will be free for tonight’s match.
  5. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Reggae Fans

    Gutted to hear of the tragic death of Donald "Tabby" Shaw today. Right Time was the first reggae album I ever bought in 1977. Would recommend this album to anybody ❤️💛💚
  6. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Will Smith v Chris Rock

    Did I just see what I think I saw at the Oscars. Chris Rock just made some joke about Jada Smiths bald head, and Will Smith just walked on stage and slapped him. Is there beef between them previously? Btw the editing by sky between adverts has been terrible. Edit.... Just read that she has...
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    Oops didn’t see similar thread

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    Wrong commentary

    Anyone else watching on red button getting commentary from Oakwell 😳
  9. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Nick Tesco

    Has left the building RIP ♥️💛💚
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    Didn’t see earlier thread
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    Mick Rock

    I see he has just died. Responsible for some of the most iconic album covers, but if I could own one of his photos it would be this one.
  12. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Jeff Stelling

    Leaving Sky at the end of the season. Can’t say I’m surprised after his mates got the boot earlier.
  13. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Billy Nomates

    She’s on a sold out tour of the UK at the moment I’ve got a couple of tickets for tonight’s show at The Cluny if anyone wants them. I can’t make it. pick up in Boro.
  14. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    RIP Bunny Wailer

    Last of the original three Wailers and the man responsible for my favourite album of all time. “Struggle”
  15. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Walter Lure

    Sad to have heard of the death of Walter Lure. Last surviving member from one of my favourite ever gigs. The Heartbreakers at The Crypt in 1977. L.A.M.F one of the best albums from that era. I’ll be treating the neighbours to it later.
  16. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Well Done Zak Crawley

    His first double century following his first hundred. Great support from Buttler as well for England’s highest fifth wicket partnership.
  17. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Hats off to staff at James Cook

    An old friend was taken in on Saturday with covid-19 symptoms. He tested positive on Sunday and unfortunately succumbed to the disease today. A couple of hours before he died staff helped him to facetime his family and listen to his favourite music. A big thank you to all those involved...
  18. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    First case in Middlesbrough confirmed

    Coronavirus: Middlesbrough's first case of covid-19 is confirmed Hope we can get on top of this soon
  19. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Oscars 2020

    Wine opened cheese board out. 1917 favourite to win best picture, but I'm hoping Parasite or Joker will nick it. Also fingers crossed for Quentin Tarantino to get original screenplay or director.
  20. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Wire - Mind Hive

    Wire have released their 17th studio album today, Mind Hive. If you've never checked them out before this is a good one to try first. Best album of the year so far :D