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    World Cup 2030 Bid

    Can you remember when considering fans was a factor in football? At the macro level - World Cups in Russia and Qatar At the micro level - look at our ticket prices
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    Tory voters don’t deserve to be resuscitated

    Stop being so bloomin sensible…….
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    Thanks for that Kuzu is new to me
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    Have you got a good recipe for that which is vegan? ta
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    Tory voters don’t deserve to be resuscitated

    All she did was get a bit cross and say something stupid……… The impact of Tory policies will mean vulnerable people will die. Oh, and they sent 30000 old people to their death by sending Covid ravaged patients back top care homes without a vaccination.
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    Chrissy Wilder says

    He will have signed an NDA as part of his leaving package
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    Tory voters don’t deserve to be resuscitated

    I know it’s a bit of a long shot My hunch She is pretty angry and using hyperbole kill her….
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    The French taking some action ref Qatar world cup

    We disagree I think it is whataboutery Times have changed and people are thinking differently now If Russia were hosting now I’m sure many would take a similar stance Fir charity I won’t be
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    Suella Braverman

    Apparently she had eaten Patel. Agree btw an absolutely vile human being.
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    The French taking some action ref Qatar world cup

    In fairness those who run the cities are putting the bans in place. Not the fans. We know fans are fickle the world over though The old ‘whataboutery’ response. If you are ‘for’ human rights why aren’t you just pleased there is some progress.
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    Looking for a local cabinet maker/joiner

    Truss just made a cabinet and will be out of work shortly (I’ll get me coat) Good luck
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    The French taking some action ref Qatar world cup

    Most major cities including Paris (PSG owned by Qatar) will not have the World Cup played live for the public. Means no fan zones etc. They say it is in response to public opinion (Pierre??) A small gesture but at least it is something Cantona saying he won’t be watching any game at all (much...
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    Middlesbrough FC new manager odds

    Can you get odds on the one after the next one?
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    Edwards it is folks...

    Whoever it is they need some time and to be judged on what they do with us. Sadly - he has already been slaughtered by some on her.
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    Sad day today.

    Saturday was a sadder day. ‘He wasn’t backed in the transfer window’. ….. So frickin what - most managers don’t get what they would like. He courted Burnley, the trust was gone. He called out the players mistakes - just another manager who could fo no wrong. Bye bye now
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    Steve Cooper

    He’ll love grab a granny night at The Keys in Yarm
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    U-Turn incoming - 45% tax

    I agree but there will be a price to pay - Indyref Personally I think that is fair But They have to distance themselves from SNP pre election because it could affect share of vote. If it is really tight they may also need Lib Dem - that brings PR vote into play All good fun
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    U-Turn incoming - 45% tax

    This was the report I was referring to. Worth a read (clearly its just a view)
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    U-Turn incoming - 45% tax

    The odds really are stacked against Labour getting a majority you know. Gains in Scotland will, at best, be minimal and that leaves the UK. The boundary changes, to come into effect favour the Tories so (theoretically at least) increase the challenge. There was a good report in The Observer on...
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    Wilder sacked

    I think that’s a good summary. His record is a good one. Recently he seemed to be focussing externally on the problems - not the right signings, players not doing their jobs. Whilst he had a point good leaders focus in what the’ve got and just get their head’s down.