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    Wilder post match

    They quoted £25m, we didnt have the money. We cant just keep spending money we dont have, the books have to be balanced somewhere
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    Blackpool rearranged Fixture

    Contact the ticket office, Im sure you'll get a refund under the circumstances Is it any different to a midweek in Jan/Feb/March?
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    Ticket Allocations - Previous Seasons

    Seen some discussions about ticket allocations. The list below are the allocations which were advertised for last season for comparison. Burnley - (No recent data - last played there in 2016/17 when we took 2358 fans) Birmingham City - 1900 (sold 1400) Blackburn Rovers - 3000 (sell out) Bristol...
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    Coventry Ticket Details - 2,000 tickets

    Last season at Coventry, we got an initial 2000 tickets which sold out. We then got an extra 900 tickets and in the end sold 2649
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    Not reading out the opposition line up

    He was initially in the side too and pulled out after injuring himself in the warmup.
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    Joe Lumley’s Reading top of the league

    Not the best agreed, h_m_boro pretty much nails it earlier in the post. His display for QPR at our place a couple of years ago was probably one of the most impressive goalkeeping displays Ive ever seen against us. Good luck to the lad
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    Or perhaps he hasnt played a competitive game for 4 months and needs easing in?
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    We're not that light. We have 22 senior pro's in the squad. Theres room for 3 more max unless theres outgoings, otherwise they cant be named in the squad until the Jan transfer window.
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    Interest rates - medium to long term, guesses.

    I think youll be surprised. Its 1.75% now, I could see it soaring past 3%. The last few years has been the lowest its ever been. It wasnt that long ago (30 years) it was up about 15%, even higher in the late 1970's
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    Serge Aurier

    They will only be able to name a maximum 25 man squad next week, so either therell be a few outgoings or a lot of unhappy players kicking their heels.
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    Energy price cap forecast for April 2023 = £6,000 a year

    Im Octopus too and theyve offered me similar. Ive been on variable for a while giving out regular monthly meter readings and my monthly bill has gone up about £30 a month. Granted its in summer, but think Id take chances staying on variable and see what happens.
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    Boro By Numbers

    Liam Roberts and Sonny Finch become the 967th and 968th individual player to have have played for Boro in a competitive match since our first league game in 1899. Plenty of scope for more with the subs too!
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    26th July 1992 - Moggas testimonial

    It was Jimmy Phillips
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    Boro v Marseille teamsheet

    One on ebay currently Erimus
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    Womens football seems to be top heavy With local girls with zero footprint in the NE

    To be fair The Riverside has been one of the best supported grounds for the English womens football side. We got a crowd of just shy of 30,000 for the 2019 Brazil friendly
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    Calling Boro stattoes

    Great question. Ill have a dig but that game v Derby in 1968, all 11 players are certainly still with us.
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    Cricket great test for stokes new look England - India

    Jonny Bairstow was getting stick from some quarters at the start of the summer. Now has hit 4 centuries in his last 5 innings and 71 not out in the other. Not sure Ive ever seen cricket played like this.
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    RIP David Shearer

    Just read the sad news former Boro striker David Shearer has passed away aged just 63. Scorer of the first goal I ever saw live in a 1-0 victory over Liverpool in the 1979/80 season. Met him at a Former Players dinner in 2017 at The Riverside, where he was resplendent in full Scottish regalia...
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    Old FMTTM’s

    A lady has been sorting her passed away husbands items and has a rather large stock of FMTTM’s. Over 500 I would guess. Not sure on what numbers there but I can find out. Would anyone be interested in these? She’s looking for £50 for them but open to offers