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  1. SmallTown

    Cancellor of the Exchequer

    Laughing, and taking a phone call at the Queens funeral. Not great optics there
  2. SmallTown

    Damn you Covid/Putin/EU/Megan

    now look what you have done.
  3. SmallTown

    King Charles throughout the years

    Charles I - Led to the only successful revolution in British history. Charles II - Was in constant conflict with Parliament until he finally dissolved it. Charles III - ???
  4. SmallTown

    We used to be top of this list.
  5. SmallTown

    Sewage in our waterways

    Just seen those tweet, from an MP who voted to ALLOW water companies to dump sewage on our waterways: The hypocrisy of these people is utterly staggering. They are playing us all for fools. Oh and yes, this is a Brexit benefit. There is en EU directive banning this.
  6. SmallTown

    Who could have predicted it woudl affect our trade?
  7. SmallTown

    The only good brexiter is a...

    .. trade unionist? Random thought experiment. If we snapped our fingers and Thanosed away all brexiteers: how much would the country improve by? In other words how many good brexitists are they? Mick Lynch. Any more than that?
  8. SmallTown

    George Russell is the kind of guy...

    Who'll put it on pole when everyone says the Ferraris are going to lock out the front row! What a lap that was!
  9. SmallTown

    Seb Vettell retires

    One of the two "grown ups" in f1. Shows you can mature from a firey, focused on one thing driver to become one of the most intelligent, well spoken guys on the grid I'm going to miss him. And the best ever protest of a stewards decision!
  10. SmallTown

    COVID source

    Bad news for the conspiracy guys on here. Looks like it did come from a market like we suspected.
  11. SmallTown

    The French are at it again :-(

    Or maybe Russia or covid or something. I can't think of another reason for the loss of £2bn
  12. SmallTown

    All blacks all at sea

    Losing heavily to Ireland at half time. When was the last time they lost a series at home to a northern hemisphere side? Have they ever?
  13. SmallTown

    Glad we got brexit dun
  14. SmallTown

    World war 11!

    We know that the first cowardly cabinet minister to stick their head above the parapet would be gin soaked, Johnson obsessed lunatic Nadine Dorries. She has just tweeted that we have faced the worst crisis since world war 11. They are the gift that keep on giving aren't they?
  15. SmallTown

    Johnson dead...

    ...lucky to get to the front of the NHS waiting list to have a sinus operation. Good for him
  16. SmallTown

    England v Baa Baas

    Very difficult to tell which is the team that never plays together at the mo. Barbarians a much more solid and organised side
  17. SmallTown

    Lewis Hamilton has now won ELEVEN home grands prix

    He's jsut been made a citizen of Brazil. Last year was amazing at Interlagos with all the purple flares.
  18. SmallTown

    It must be Covids fault. Or the EU. Or war at the opposite end of the continent...

  19. SmallTown

    24H du Mans

    Forget the Liberty media contrived circus that is F1: it's Le mans this weekend. This is proper racing. IMO the absolute pinnacle of track racing. Any other WEC fans on here?
  20. SmallTown

    I wonder what event is driving this?