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    liz truss to come on to the stage with a classic song - what could it be ?

    Moving on up lyrics You've done me wrong, your time is up You took a sip from the devil's cup You broke my heart, there's no way back Move right out of here, baby, go on pack your bags Oh...
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    Wilder sacked

    It was probably inevitable, but can't help thinking this was a massive missed opportunity. It hasn't felt like his heart has been in it for a while (looks can be deceiving I know) and there was seemingly a breakdown between Wilder and Gibson and (I think) Wilder and the players. Things had to...
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    Wilder post match

    Is he a good manager? He had undoubted success with Sheffield Utd, but was that a one off? His man management is poor, his management upwards to Gibson is terrible and his PR is atrocious. He has zero flexibility tactically, he evidently doesn't see his role as being to improve players - he...
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    Hate to say it but Wilder has to go

    I have said this 100 times, but Wilder has to dry his tears and start actually managing the team. He has a squad of players and he is paid handsomely to get them playing together, to motivate them, to improve them and to find a style of play that fits the group he has. He is stubbornly trying...
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    Why did we sign Forss?

    Wilder is being deliberately provocative and pretty disrespectful to the likes of Forss. He is making a point and it shows how little professionalism he has. There is a concept in business of disagree and commit - argue your corner as hard as you like while a decision is being made, but once...
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    Buying players the manager doesn’t want and won’t pick surely it’s madness?

    As soon as I saw the line up today I said to my son that it looked like a resignation letter, orna challenge to Gibson to sack him. I just think he has checked out. He isn't getting a tune out of anyone. This business of not picking players bought in this summer is crazy. You are meant to be...
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    Have you ever cheated at anything?

    I copied a short paragraph (34 words to be precise) in my first year French exam at uni. It was picked up in coursework moderation (which was a manual exercise in those days). I remembered the story about George Washington and the cherry tree and admitted my guilt. I was sent back a year. Screw...
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    Have you ever lived or considered living abroad?

    I spent a lot of time on long term projects out in Scandinavia earlier in my career and although it is a cliche, they seem to have figured things out way better than most other societies. What do you do career wise, if you don't mind me asking?
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    Have you ever lived or considered living abroad?

    Studied then lived and worked in France for 3 years - university in Bordeaux, followed by work in Paris. My wife and I were discussing the idea again the other day, but kids at an awkward age to do it. Every day I see more and more reasons to make the change.
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    Two Sundays in one week

    I spent most of the day at the emergency vet with our new pup ☹️ so I missed pretty much the whole thing. I have been ambivalent about everything over the past week but wanted to watch yesterday - like it or not, that was history being written.
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    Payero starts again for boca in el Superclásico

    Assuming he continues to shine for Boca, what is he worth in the market? I have no idea how much the biggest South American teams would pay for someone like him?
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    Steve Cooper reported to be under pressure at Nottingham Forest

    It raises an interesting question on whether or not liking the manager of your team on a personal level is important or not, if they get results. On the flip side is it important to managers to feel liked too? Warnock wasn't everyone's cup of tea and his football was largely forgettable, but he...
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    Eddie butler has died

    Very sad, an absolute poet behind the microphone and an artist with pen in hand. One of those commentators who I could listen to all day regardless of my interest in the match. His story telling and scene setting pre 6 Nations was unmatched.
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    Sheff U fans on CW

    It's a funny one, I suspect when the crowd turn fully it will happen very quickly - I don't think he has really formed any kind of bond with the fans and I am not sure he is that bothered about it. It's a job for him and he isnt here to be liked. That's absolutely fine when you are getting...
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    This article came to mind - he had a reputation for incredible endurance and this time last year I would agree. Just felt that halfway through last spring his tank emptied and it hasn't filled back up again...
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    You are the manager, what would you do?

    Totally agree. Jones looks like expectation is weighing heavy on his shoulders after playing with such freedom last year. Variety of delivery is something I hope they are working on with him. Last season where he was an unknown quantity, it looked like he was told 'Go out there, play your...
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    You are the manager, what would you do?

    For all those who failed to see what Tav brought to the midfield, last night was a case in point. The energy we had at times last season has evaporated. We are pedestrian in midfield and far too passive. Think back to the games like Tottenham where we were like a perpetual motion machine...
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    Paddy McNair

    I feel like a stuck record but McNair does not have the positional sense or discipline to play centre back. Maybe its the system and he doesn't get the balance of the need to overlap and the need to defend. Maybe it is a pedestrian midfield that loses possession as he steps forwards, but if you...
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    You are the manager, what would you do?

    OK, so put yourself in Wilder's shoes. Given the current league position and with the squad of players at your disposal, what would you do to try and turn things around - especially given that the murmurs are getting louder? Formation? First choice XI? Areas for individual improvement? Self...