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  1. UTB70

    Great local drone footage

    Some great videos on his Youtube channel SJM drones. Footage of the south gare, tees barrage, saltburn, river tees, durham city, coulby newham and more. Hes a local lad and looking for more subscribers so have a look and subscribe if you enjoy this kind of stuff
  2. UTB70

    Boro , pools and Darlo

    Bit of a trivia question i dont know the answer to...who were the last players boro have actually bought from pools or darlo...i can only remember curtis main from darlington myself.
  3. UTB70

    Right! Who do we get rid of?

    Lumley, daniels, pelts, bamba, taylor, balagun, connolly and 2 shock ones for nair and watmore , possibly howson due to his age...and spence obvs. Big big rebuild needed. Two proper big mobile but goalscoring forwards a must. Gyokeres and riis in a dreamland summer window.
  4. UTB70

    VAR for Spurs match?

    Was wondering if VAR will be used? If not, i hope we get a decent ref
  5. UTB70

    No pre match conference today?

    Is warnock not well? Usually put one up on mfc website by now
  6. UTB70

    My Boro stash

    Hi I'm moving to Wiltshire in new year. Im sorting my loft and I've a big box of boro programmes fmttms old gazettes ,northern echoes,, even nationals with features on boro. clippings and gazette kicks off, other summer specials the gazette did including history of mfc. sports gazettes...